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Shame on you Chuck Klosterman

Over lunch with friends this past weekend I was - by myself- attacking movies which were first books. My problem with movies from books is that they remove the elements of imagination visualization and characterization once a movie defines characters, scenes, and actions. The beauty of books is the depth they can approach that movies can't touch.

I still go see movies from books that I enjoy but enter knowing that my favorite part - the depth - will be far too shallow and usually compensated by special effects. No one will see Moneyball this weekend, read the book and think of anyone but Brad Pitt as Billy Beane and this is inaccurate. Billy Beane is Billy Beane.

Chuck Klosterman knows all this. Chuck Klosterman may be the most interesting conversationalist writing today and he has to appreciate this trade-off, which makes this trailer so stunning.


The worst part is the definition of the protagonist. The reader can't think anything different about how that character looks, acts or speaks. Their small mannerisms, looks, attitudes. In a few minute clip part the depth of the book gets clipped, and Chuck Klosterman knew better.

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