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Armani, following suit (FauxNews)

New York (Bakersville News) Following the move by Abercrombie and Fitch who recently asked Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino to stop wearing their clothes, Armani Suits has issued a statement requesting both John Boehner and Barack Obama to also stop wearing theirs.

Spokesperson for Armani, Chris Notam said "The clothes worn by people in power reflects upon those designers and it is important to let our policy makers know that their business, isn't the Armani business."

"Armani is about rolling up your two-hundred dollar sleeves and getting work done" added executive vice president Anne Stockholm, "and that's clearly not happening in Washington."

President Obama's office didn't offer a comment but Representatives for House Speaker Boehner issued a statement saying "we are disappointed in this decision by Armani Suits, but Representative Boehner only had one, and it has a mustard stain."

In a surprise move Armani also commented that unless Wall Street changes its direction they too will be asked to cease purchasing the suits. "We want Armani to be known as a brand that also cares about the common man, even if he has no chance in hell of owning one of our suits" Notam noted.

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