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Dear Chevrolet - please stop selling me things

Dear Chevrolet

I'm still very happy with my purchase of a 2010 Traverse. Aside from a nail in the tire - not your fault - the car has run wonderfully, fit our family, hauled our stuff, withstood toddlers, managed winter roads and gotten gas mileage every bit as good as proclaimed. Please just let me enjoy it.

It started when we purchased the car and the final words from your salesman were not accolades or salutations or even well wishes for our travels. He said to call him when we wanted to upgrade. Consider the image of Maytag, Dell, Apple, Macy's or any other company who after installing new appliances, furniture, or a computer say 'call us when you want a new one'. What sort of image does that convey about the product, what are my first impressions, thoughts? Something brand-new will need replaced.

It wasn't just at the dealership. XM radio calls me monthly to offer a great promotion - though the enthusiasm of the caller never indicates this - they are having and when I ask if it's free they don't get the hint. It's been six calls and each time I express that if it were free I might listen they end their pursuit, until next month.

Your own OnStar service does not escape this pattern. After escaping the dealership and activating my account I was asked to purchase calling minutes, at a discounted rate of course. Never-mind that I was driving and reading my 16 digit card number to the service professional would have been difficult but why would I? If I had wanted calling options right away wouldn't I have ordered them? Like XM, if this service were free and better than other options I would consider it but I know the former isn't true and I'm not sure the latter is either.

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