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Twin brothers, different mothers (ice cream)

After taking my daughter to get DQ ice cream and both of us finishing our orders I was wondering why I ate so much. There are always self-promises, resolutions and helpless internal begging to not eat an entire blizzard but it rarely works. This surprises me. Not in the moment of course, the moment is ruled by cool ice cream and sugar, but the reflection arises when I see a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I've never eaten a whole pint of that. That would certainly make a person sick, right? I broke down the key nutritional samplings of both, the pint is a big larger than a medium Blizzard but not enough to make much of a difference.

----------BJ/DQ Calories: 1440/1020 Saturated fat: 56/19 (20g is what is recommended for a day) Sugars 96/82 Protein 24/20

Aside from the saturated fat they are much the same treat but I can restrict myself to suggested servings of Vermont's finest but not the fast food ice cream.

The only conclusion I can draw is to create more consistent actions on my part. It's either to begin eating the entire pint or reserving some of my Blizzard. A harder question than the first.

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