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Southwest cancels in-flight wifi, Facebook to blame (FAUX NEWS)

New York (Bakersville News) Southwest Airlines has announced an indefinite hold for its in-flight wifi program. "We were pleased with a few customers who took full advantage of this program but had to shut it down because most use was inappropriate" said Vice President of Technology Chris Simmons.

"Eighty percent of the bandwidth usage was dedicated to people updating their Facebook status only to say 'I'm updating my Facebook status at 30,000 feet', that doesn't even make sense."

Some customers supported this move, Cheryl Racie was disgusted one flight: "The man next to me was looking at things entirely inappropriate, I was embarrassed and uncomfortable sitting next to him". When pressed what sites or content her fellow passenger was looking at Cheryl reported: "The Drudge Report".

Simmons concluded that the program may be back under different circumstances but probably not in the immediate future.

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