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Ohio University to require class attendance admission fee

Athens, Ohio (Bakersville News) Ohio University, facing falling financial support from the state government has decided to begin charging regular admission to students who wish to enter classes. Vice President of student affairs Steve Smith told reporters "If we mandate students live on campus and then raise the cost of that $500, we thought this was the logical next step." Mr Smith said the fees will be collected as students enter the room by student employees.

While many colleges are looking for alternative ways to generate revenue some people are skeptical of this idea.

"I don't really go to class all that often anyways, so I'm not sure how much this will affect me, if this was a required part of class though, then I might be angrier about it" added Brian Massey a junior engineering student at OU.

University administrators estimate that this will generate around $50,000 each year depending on the attendance rates and will be used for academic scholarships. "At Ohio University we believe that academic growth is a core component to our mission and we focus on this commitment to our core components that we believe in" added Vice President Smith. When pressed on what this meant he said it was on a banner outside his office door.

In a related note, the faculty senate voted to allow professors to place a 'tip jar' on their lecture podium.

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