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2012 Presidential fundraising, El Paso

El Paso, Texas (Bakersville News) Continuing his western swing collecting campaign contributions for the 2012 election effort, President Obama will be dining with unusual fare for the Friday DNC fundraiser in El Paso. Departing from the esteemed menus such as Wolfgang Puck catering during his San Francisco visit, the event will be served by the CBS Survivor crew catering staff.

Deputy director of event planning Casandra Hillis spoke highly of this unconventional choice; "we surveyed many different catering and dining providers and no-one reported being more satisfied after a meal than the expelled survivors who dined from this crew." Known for their ability to easily please, the menu is reported to be pulled pork with potato salad and lemonade.

One controversy surrounding this event was a misprint in the menu which originally included "liberal slathering of homemade sauce" and the president's entourage had subsequent menu printings change liberal to ample in an attempt to remind voters of President Obama's position as a moderate.

Asked if they'd had this meal before, traveling CBS reporters speaking on the condition of anonymity reported it was delicious but "passes you faster than today's news cycle."

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