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Ohio schools shortening one school year

Columbus, Ohio (Bakersville News) Local school officials announced they are shortening the 10th grade from nine to seven months. Taking their cue from the changes suggested by Governor Kasich, who implored state colleges to create a three-year bachelors program in an effort to have students in the workforce sooner. School chancellor Steve Robinson reverberated this feeling, "We feel the need to have Ohio high school students job ready for when they finish the tenth grade. Modeling ourselves after the higher education system we hope students enter better prepares them for that transition."

One school principal walked-through how they plan to change the curriculum "Our plan is to only require students to take Math, Science and English, their typical school day will consist of two of these three classes, lunch and then the third". Supporters of the plan to shorten the school year praise this focus, Dan Wakoneh, parent of a student "My son was being distracted by other subjects, I hope this focus better prepares him for the real world."

Critics point to the fact that even if this is a better plan students will still need to wait to begin the tenth grade, leaving them idle for five months instead of the usual three. The chancellor's and governor's offices was unavailable for comment on this matter.

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