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Ikea responds to Amazon's latest entry

(Bakersville News)--In response to Amazon(AMZN) introducing a new ad-supported Kindle device Ikea plans to unveil an ad-supported bookcase. Company representatives report that their popular, though slowing in sales, Billy bookcase line has been deemed 'antiquated' by consumers and they hope that offering advertisements in the bookcase back paneling will restore consumer interest in this once ubiquitous line.

According to lead designer Sven Tostin, "the Billy (bookcase) series has always been popular at Ikea but we felt the need to make the next step in offering consumers the breadth of options they expect and receive other places". Ikea announced they will be partnering with Ford, Sony and Home Depot. "We are proud of all our partnerships but especially that with Home Depot as we hope consumers who lose our pre-packaged allen wrenches will first look there" Vice President of Operations Marc Aronson offered in the official announcement.

The bookcase line will be discounted fifteen dollars and be available mid-June.

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