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Internet companies are a lot like reality TV housewives; they live in their own worlds with their own rules and like to give advice to people who would prefer something more pragmatic, but will settle for what they can get.

Last year I read Rework off a recommendation from a friend and thought it was awful. A collection of short thoughts by two people who - my psychology training was screaming fundamental attribution error - appeared to be successful but not necessarily through great skill but rather having just enough skill in the right situation. The blog style formatting and throw-toghetherness of it all had me nearly shipping to California.

Then this study came out and things began to make more sense. The simplicity, lack of sequential though and breviity of the book wasn't a spoiled child of the technology world, but rather the exact manifestaion of an entrenprenuer. From Inc:

Sarasvathy likes to compare expert entrepreneurs to Iron Chefs: at their best when presented with an assortment of motley ingredients and challenged to whip up whatever dish expediency and imagination suggest. Corporate leaders, by contrast, decide they are gong to make Swedish meatballs. They then proceed to shop, measure, mix and cook Swedish meatballs in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

Internet companies are like reality stars - only not the housewives - they are the winners, the people who we can't understand but by following their own path find their own success.

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