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The best, and reading less

A month ago a friend turned my onto The Best American Science and Nature Writings and it is excellent.  I ordered the 2009 edition and was wrapped as tightly into the essays as a pre-Christmas snuggie actor.  Three fourths of the essays were excellent and the other fourth I skipped.  Getting this book – a steeply discounted used edition no less – allowed me to collect the best articles on Science and Nature without subscriptions to Science or Nature as well as Wired, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and other fine publications but ones that when I subscribe, collect on tables instead of being read. 

Part of my enjoyment of this series is the filtering it allows.  My books to-read list grows faster than my read list and this is only cluttered by teaching, journals, blogs and whatever else arises on a daily basis.  This series will hopefully continue to fill this interest and allow me to read even more, by ironically, reading less.

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