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I was listening to a podcast last week when the commentators were reliving the revelations that Microsoft Excel brought to those using spreadsheets on a regular basis.  My usage is limited to grades, basic functions and limited visual basic but I do appreciate what it offers. 

This also made me consider why haven’t websites usurped Microsoft Powerpoint as a preferred means to supplement lectures at the college level.  It seems – at least through my uses – that Powerpoint requires too many plug-ins, hyperlinks that take time to launch and load, and facilitate this evolution from exciting topic to information being read from slides.  In my classes students are suggested to keep these ideas in mind and not use Powerpoint if they don’t feel it is a strength for them.

Websites can offer many of these same things but with greater flexibility, through code and API, and be more readily available to the students.  Hyperlinks won’t sloth as one program calls another and the things we could embed, endless.  As the cloud computing trend continues and once complicated aspects of the internet – like blogging – become standardized and automatic I think some hybrid will eventually form. 

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