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Work Ethic

I worked a lot for my mentor, Dan Chung. All of us did. Of course there were some of us that worked a lot harder than others, I always got yelled at for working little and I admit there were many times when I would weasel my way to taking a short break. But I always did some amount of work, I wasn’t as lazy as I seemed.

Dan says that a good manager can just peek into the room once in a while and know who’s slacking. Then why couldn’t Dan see that half the time I did shovel dirt, line bricks, mop floors, and wipe tables. I deserved more credit than that, or so I thought.

Most workers think like this. That doing some work entitles you to some credit, some appreciation. But it doesn’t. There is no difference between half-work, and no work.

The boss’s only concern of the worker is that the worker gets the job done, or tries relentlessly. If a task isn’t fully completed, then it serves no purpose for the boss.

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