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Cool Friends

I've noticed that of the friends I have, the cool successful entrepreneurial types, when you tell them a lofty goal or aspiration they never respond with "you know how hard that is?" or "you really think you'll manage that?" their responses are more along the lines of "that's cool man, do it up", "let me know how I can help or who I can introduce you to", "that's ambitious, can't wait to hear your progress"

And when you tell them about a failure or a stupid decision, they usually empathize rather than tell you what you should've done:

"I can relate, made a similar mistake a few months back"

"awww man that sucks, better luck next time"

"that was horrible, you totally f'ed that up haha" (In a joking way rather than a I'm-trying-to-solve-your-problem way)

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