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Zero Sum Programming Tournament

Today begins a ten-day coding tournament for our newest multiplayer arena level, Zero Sum. It’s a mirror match between red and blue, with both heroes as Sorcerers sporting the same powerful weapons and armor. Collect gold, summon armies, command minions, cast spells, and fight dirty!

On Monday, April 6th at 5PM PDT, we’ll snapshot the leaderboards and do some additional ranking to crown the two champion angels of eternal glory, but you can keep playing after it ends. If you enjoyed our past two tournaments, you'll love this one. You don’t need to have played CodeCombat before to play, although complete newbie programmers may want to play the campaign first.

New stuff: controllable artillery and griffin riders plus access to Pender Spellbane and the goldstorm, raise-dead, fear, and drain-life spells. Plus mana-blast and reset-cooldown. And a yeti in a cage. I even put some birds in there.

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