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The True Ace of Coders

The Ace of Coders programming tournament has ended after a month of ferocious coding chaos, with the leaderboards fluctuating by the hour. We’ve exhaustively simulated all 584,086 pairwise matches between all players and come up with the final ranking. Behold, the top ten Ace of Coders champions!

Full rankings are here for all 1345 players. Coming in first is our returning Greed and Zero Sum champion Wizard Dude with only three losses–one to NoJuice4u and two to me.

Second place goes to our other returning Zero Sum champion, NoJuice4u, with 1527 wins and only six losses. Staying in first place almost the entire competition, NoJuice4u was the main target of up-and-coming players, but he still managed to fend them all off with a nearly unstoppable job-queue-based strategy mixing all four unit types.

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