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Ace of Coders Multiplayer Programming Tournament

Our newest multiplayer arena level is here, and with it comes the next coding tournament! In Ace of Coders, you write code to summon armies, command minions, vie for control points, and use your hero to overwhelm your opponent’s forces. Choose new foes, improve your strategy, and watch your code fight its way up the leaderboards. You don’t need any CodeCombat experience to play–just a mind for programming, a thirst for gold, and a hunger for battle.

The tournament begins today and lasts for a month. On Wednesday, October 14 at 5PM PDT, we’ll snapshot the leaderboards and simulate some additional ranking to determine the winners. The top ten players will skip straight to final CodeCombat job interviews. We’re hiring for our San Francisco office, and if you want to build the programming game that will be the default way everyone learns to code, then we think you’ll enjoy this tournament. (If you can’t join us, then just play for fun.)

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