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The CodeCombat MVP

When building a product, especially something fun like a game, it’s tempting to avoid the humiliation of launching too early. Nobody wants to have their work insulted or rated poorly, but without such feedback, the chance of total failure increases dramatically. Without users telling us what sucks, we have basically no chance to build something people actually want to use.

And so we’re launching the CodeCombat MVP, our minimum viable product to get feedback and criticism to guide future development efforts. What you are looking at is the barest minimum that we think can prove whether people want to learn programming by playing a game.

We have 7 beginner levels and 3 experienced developer levels available, and we encourage everyone to head over to the campaign page and check them out.

Our next priority is to create a ton of levels that will help newbies learn less about our interface and more about JavaScript. If you’d like to be notified when that content is available, or just want to yell at us for improvements or bugs, drop us a line via the on-page Olark, contact us using the link in the footer, or head over to our UserVoice forum and let us know how we can improve.

Thanks for helping us make CodeCombat awesome, and we look forward to making all of our players into CodeWizards!

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