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The Thrill of the Start

The first few weeks of any startup are tentative at best, and any sane founder will wonder more than a few times what the heck they were thinking to quit their job. During those first formative weeks, tasks and priorities are set, working habits are established, and a certain amount of structure forms around the nascent product and team. These are heady and dangerous times. There are no customers, employees, funders, or advisors to steer the ship, correct course, or check the founder’s assumptions. Everything happens quickly, and experienced founders realize that missteps during this period are the most costly. The critical all-consuming goal is to get something out into the world as quickly as possible while still respecting user expectations.

One thing we learned from our first startup: before there is a beta product, a startup needs a blog like a fish needs a bicycle. So don’t expect many updates until we actually have people start using Code Combat.

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