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Words That Speak

Have you ever listened to a type of music to change your mood? Maybe you listened to Christmas music to get you into the Christmas cheer, or even listened to a love song because you were longing for your one true love. Music has always had a way to influence our moods and to make us feel things we may not feel other wise. A good example is in 1 Samuel 16:23, whenever David would play his harp for Saul an evil spirit would lift off of Saul. In the same way that music has the ability to sway our moods, so does the words that we speak. God intended our words to be as an encourager to the weak, not a sword through the chest to those who are already wounded.

Proverbs 18:21 says,

Our words, if we aren't careful, can birth life or kill it. Many times in the books of Proverbs it explains the importance of our words. When we speak negativity in others lives or about life in general we aren't giving hope or encouragement to those around us, but when we speak positively over their lives we put gas on the flicker of hope that is left in their souls. Not only does our positive words speak hope and encouragement it speaks as a witness that we are joyful in the Lord and we honestly have no need to complain. It allows them to see that there is a God out there who is loving, if someone else is showing that love through there words towards me.

When trying to be encouraging, often times, others will strike the encouraging words down and will then discourage you. They may say things like, "You're wrong, you don't understand what I'm going through." At that point you may not know what they're going through and take a step back. We don't need to take a step back, we need to move forward and reply with, "I may not know what you're going through, but I know a God that does and He is waiting with His arms open wide to carry you through this." Even if you aren't sure of what to say God understands and in that time of not knowing God will send His Holy Spirit to guide you with words to say. Matthew 10:19 says,

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