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Sin separates us from God. Even after we repent there are still the after effects of our sin. It’s like an earthquake. The ground shakes and things are ruined, even after the earthquake has finished there are still smaller tremors that shake the ground beneath that can continue to cause damage. When we fall into sin it ruins our relationship with God. It severs our time of intimacy with shame and a heart that feels unworthy to worship God. Even when you try to push past those thoughts our hearts still feel restrained. It’s not until we have an intimate encounter with God that all the bad things wash away. We have to be vulnerable and open for God to wipe us clean. We have to be willing to open ourselves even though we fear rejection that we’ve gone one sin too far, despite knowing what God’s word says. That inward feeling that we just can’t bring ourselves to want to run back to God because we failed once more. Yet Jesus, He is so loving and so wonderful, He gives more grace and draws us right back to Him. His sweet and precious Holy Spirit comes and rests on us and embraces us. Running over and through us like warm comforting waters. What did we do to deserve this kind of love? Nothing. We’ve done everything to reject Him, yet He continues to pursue. He never stops pursuing! Then I look back at us, and think, what is wrong with us that we don’t just completely melt in His embrace. When He opens His big comforting arms and welcomes us back like that prodigal son. It’s overwhelming to think about. There really aren’t words to even describe how I think about His love. It’s unique, one of a kind, and as I’ve heard a young child say, it’s “unwordable .”

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