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The Testing of Time

Many of us have received promises from God and we are waiting for the promise to come to pass. We try to sit patiently with our legs crossed and our hands folded in our laps like good children, but time proves to make waiting difficult. Especially, when you know what's been promised and the prize is within sight.

All of us struggle with patience in our lives. It's not the fact that we don't trust God to fulfill it, it's the fact that we don't want to wait anymore. It's the same as promising a young child that when they get older we will buy them a car and teach them to drive. The child becomes impatient and begins to demand that we teach them now because we made them a promise. Knowing inside ourselves that if we were to allow the young child to start driving, not only would they hurt themselves, they probably would hurt others also. Being the responsible adults we are, only wanting the best for the child, we refuse to allow them to drive. The child at that moment doesn't understand why we would promise them something and then not allow them to do it. Although later(much later), they would realize that it was only for their benefit.

God is the same way. He gives us promises so that we can pray and prepare ourselves for the time that the promise is fulfilled. He understands that if He fulfills that promise too early certain people or things in our life may not be lined up with God at the moment. Then everything would be messed up and we would end up not being prepared and then get upset with God because He didn't wait until everything was ready. Crazy how that works, huh?

Psalm 139 explains that God knows everything and that He even knows our thoughts afar off. There is nothing in life that goes unnoticed by God. So, the next time we become impatient and want our promise fulfilled right now remember that God isn't keeping it from you to make you upset He is doing it for our own good. Let's make it our priority to prepare ourselves and pray that God helps us to understand why we are waiting and how we can prepare ourselves in this season.

The best thing about being in a season is that seasons don't last forever, they stay for a short while and then leave making room for a new season to begin in our lives.

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