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Take Time to Relax

It is a good thing to be involved with church and to have a servants mind, but we also have to remember to not get so caught up that we forget to take the time to build our personal relationship with Jesus. Sometimes it is good to just sit back and take a break from the work and relax in His presence.

Often times my family is asked if we would like to head certain activities in the church. We are willing to be used by God, we just have to be careful not to load ourselves down so much that we forget to take a step back and get fed (Fed meaning, hear God's word and be ministered to).

So, that is what we are doing this week! We are taking a little break! I am so excited to get to relax and get away. I didn't even realize that I was getting more tired than usual, until my mom mentioned that God was dealing with her heart about getting away for the weekend. When she said that I was thinking to myself, "There's too much to do!" Then I thought a little bit more about it and now I can't wait to get away. It's not some big vacation, it's just us taking some time to sit back and enjoy ourselves and enjoy the Lord.

That goes to show that God knows what we need even before we know ourselves. Be praying for us to have traveling mercies! God bless!

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