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Yesterday, my family and I attended Evangel Temple in Jacksonville, FL to hear Perry Stone preach. We were unable to attend the night service so I knew I had to watch it live online. Towards the end of the teaching, Stone, said something that really stirred my spirit. He told us to turn to Acts 2:17, and then to Joel 2:28. He brought to our attention two very different key words in these scriptures, Although, they are both spoken by the prophet Joel, Peter changed the words that was spoken by the prophet to prophesy something new. Acts speaks of in the the last days these things shall happen, but Joel is speaking and saying that afterwards these things shall come. Joel Prophesied about the day of Pentecost and the disciples being filled with the Spirit, Peter knowing these things and being filled with the Spirit prophesied again saying that it would happen again in the last days. After Stone taught on this subject he began to explain how God had been speaking to him telling him that it's time for the sons and daughters. That shook me loose, the very thing that God had been speaking to Perry Stone about is the very thing that I have been seeing and desiring in my heart. God has spoken to me many times about my future. He has spoken on how I would speak to my generation and He has really set my heart on fire to see the sons and daughters shake themselves from the normal and fall in love with Christ. He has given me messages that I would never have imagined I would receive, but it all lines up with the word Stone gave. It's amazing how God confirms the desires of our hearts and the things He speaks to us through other people.

Not only that, New Years Eve night, the church we now attend gathered around to pray the new year in. A message was given in tongues and it was interpreted. God said that this is the year He has been waiting for. He has been waiting for this year to make things happen and move things forward. He proclaimed that this was the year of fire! He spoke saying that many would be saved this year, but we had to prepare ourselves so that we could be used. He was very serious about preparing ourselves. This is a critical year for everyone. Many people will be won to Christ, but if we aren't prepared, how on Earth can we lead people to Him?

As the body of Christ, please be preparing yourself! Even if you are skeptical that what God spoke was true, pray and ask God to confirm it. Either way, Jesus is coming back and there will be a last day revival. Prepare and stay prayed up! Please keep me in your prayers, I need all of the prayers that I can get!


Kelsey Green

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