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New Beginnings

Welp, Sunday was our last official day attending First Full Gospel Church in Lake City, FL. God has really been speaking to my families heart about stepping down from the positions we held there. No, nothing happened to make us leave, God laid it on our hearts that He wanted to start moving us out into ministry and in order for that to happen we had to be freed up from anything holding us down at one church. So, we cut loose of the ropes and strings we had and now we're waiting on God.

As far as what church we will be attending in the future, I can't give you a straight answer. All I know is that God spoke and said that He would lead us and to not even concern ourselves with where we are going cause He will tell us where He wants us to go.

As far as the Lord wanting us to step out into ministry, God has really laid it on my families heart to do street ministry. There's so many lost souls just walking around the streets with no friends or family to introduce them to Jesus. So, not only has God laid it on our hearts to do this work He has also confirmed it through a message given in Tongues and Interpretation. God spoke and told us to step out that He would supply the provisions. You know it's God when He speaks and also He has confirmed it through supplying already before we stepped out and making it a smooth transition.

Many have asked us if we are leaving for good and never coming back. Like I said before, we are going to be led by the Holy Spirit. If He leads us to never go back, so be it. We don't want to do anything that will hinder God's presence from the service or be out of His will.

The hardest thing so far for me in this big transition is the not knowing. After knowing for over 6 years every service we were going to be attending the same church for almost every service and now I have no clue.... It's kind of eerie feeling.. I can't see in the future, I definitly don't know what God knows. That's the best part though. even if I never know where I'm going to be going before I actually go, there is ALWAYS my Best Friend who does know. So really, it's not a scary feeling, i'm just not sure whats going on. The weird thing is... IM PERFECTLY FINE WITH IT! I'm thrilled! I love adventures and this is like my very own adventure. Trusting the one I love to lead me wherever He wants me to go, without having any clue. It sounds like a crazy love story! Well, it sure has to be! Cause I'm head over heals in love with HIM! If your kind of wondering who I'm talking about, I'm talking about Jesus! The only man in my life! I crack myself up sometimes y'all! I can't help it.. Oh MY!!

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