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Let It GO...

We all have feared what people can do to us at least once in our lives. Personally, I have encountered fear multiple times when dealing with people at school and work. For the longest time it kept me bound from doing God's work because I was only looking towards the people. I didn't have my eyes on what God could do. So I began to pray and ask the Lord to guide me and to help me keep my eyes on Him. It was hard and I still struggle at times but, God is faithful and if we stand on His promise that nothing formed against us shall stand, He will help us through it. His words encouraged me to look towards Him and remain strong in my faith.

The Lord brought it to my mind today the song "Let It Go" off of Frozen. When the words began going through my head the Lord was showing me how this song relates to our Christian walk.

When we give God our problems He helps us to let everything we're dealing with go. Recently, I have pondered a lot on whether it was the Lord's will for me to start a family later on in life. That is a desire of mine to find a husband that loves me and loves God. I was worried that it wasn't a part of His plan and I thought on it a lot. Then I realized, God only wants the best for my life. He knows what I need and what I don't need. I was tired of worrying and I knew that if it wasn't God's plan it wouldn't happen either way. I prayed and I told the Lord, " I know that You know what is best for me and I only want to do Your will. So I'm giving you this part of my life. You said that You would give us the desires of our heart and this is my desire. I'm giving it to You, do what You want to with it." That was very hard for me but, I must remind you that God is faithful. So, Sunday rolls around and we are having an amazing service. A women walks up to me and she says she has a word for me . She begins to tell me that I am a Ruth, and a lot of other stuff. Then, the very last thing she tells me is that God is sending a holy Boaz for me!!!!!!!! God was FAITHFUL! He guided me to give my desires to Him and He reassured me that He knew my desires and He was fulfilling them! My heart was so thankful for Him hearing me.

God is faithful, so if you let go of what's holding you back and you give it to God, He will make a way. He is no respecter of persons. What He has done for me, He can do for you!

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