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He is Wonderful

He is beautifully wonderful in every single way. He holds my hand to guide me everyday. He holds me close and never lets me go. He desires every ounce of my attention. And why? I am lowly, and He is holy. He made me from His love just so He could give me love and accept my love. Through His eyes I am seen as a beautiful creation. A creature from His own heart. He walks right beside me all day long, guiding me and encouraging me. When I wake in the mourning He looks at me and reminds me that I am His. He tells me the mirror doesn't define who he created me to be. The mirror is just a reflection. He looks deep into my heart and tells me of the future. He takes my hand and writes every promise on it. He tells me every time I doubt His love or promises to lift my hand and read of the untold treasure He has in store. He takes me into the heavens and shows me stars He created just for me. He brings me close to them and tells me every time I look at the stars to remember how He created them just to remember His love by. He takes me to a meadow filled with dancing flowers. He tells me that all the flowers dance to the song of His heart. The song of His love for me. They dance and twirl carelessly in the wind not holding anything back. He looks at me, takes me by the hand and we dance among the flowers. He smiles and just stares at me. His love overpowers me and I just fall deeper in love. His grace and beauty overtake me. We sit and talk for hours. He listens to my likes, my dislikes, my pain, my joys, and my heart breaks. We laugh, we cry, we sing, and we dance. He tells me how He longs to hear my voice in the mornings. He tells me that His heart bubbles over when I sing songs of love to Him. He says when I worship He can't contain himself. He longs for the day when we will be together for eternity. He's taken away all of the pain I used to feel. All of it's gone. I used to feel weighed down, but He said He can handle anything so I gave it to Him. I told him I was scared about giving my heart away. He looked at me with so much love and care. He said you have no need to worry, give it to me and I will keep it safe. I was hesitant, but His embrace reassured me. I handed it to Him and He looked at it. His eyes lit up with excitement. He looked so happy. I couldn't help but smile and giggle. He said this means the world to me and I love your heart so much. I don't want anything to ever happen to it. As long as I have it, it will always stay safe. I trusted Him so much. I knew what He said was a promise. I just want to stay here in this moment with Him forever. I don't ever want to leave. His love is so kind, unlike anything I've ever felt before. All He wants is me. Not the "me" everyone else sees. The me He created. He told me I could stay with him forever in this place. He said it would be difficult but it could be done. He told me as long as I trust Him I would remain in this place. It was so sweet, so gentle. The sweetest kindest purest love I've ever tasted. Better than the movies, better than life. This place here in his arms, here I find rest, joy, His love. He told me all I had to do was abide. Just abide in His love.

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