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Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships

I just recently began reading the new Duggar book Growing Up Duggar, I am halfway through it and I don't want to put it down. The Duggar family is a very humble and lovely family in Arkansas who honestly keep it real. They live true to their beliefs and love God with all their heart. The four oldest Duggar girls are women after God's own heart, not to mention they are gorgeous! This book lets us in on every relationship in their lives. From family, to friends, and even relationships with boys. The book is very simple, yet it's filled with so much wisdom and love. Their hearts desire is to change the world through showing God's love and witnessing to those around them. If you are ever looking for a good book with good values to read, I definitely recommend this book. In all honesty I wish I could meet the Duggar girls and become friends with them, I would love to talk to them about their lives, God, and wisdom from what they know.

God Bless,

Kelsey Green

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