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Fire in the City!

I just want to boast in the Lord for a little bit! God is a great and merciful God. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it! Last night I went to a revival at Live Oak First Assembly of God and I was ready to have some church. I struggled at the beginning of church to keep my mind focused on God. The devil kept trying to pull my mind off of worshiping. The Lord wanted me to push through and helped me to be determined to get my blessing. So, I continued to worship. The service slowed down a little bit, but I knew that there was more to come. I felt a need, a pulling of God. The evangelist, Bro. Harold Hanks, preached a mighty and convicting message. The whole time he preached I knew as soon as he gave that alter call that I needed to be the first person to respond. I cried out to God, begging and pleading that God give me a Holy Ghost boldness. That is something that I had been struggling with (I say "had" because after last night God gave me the Holy Ghost boldness that I asked for). I was one of the last ones in the alter, but I didn't care. I was determined for God to hear my prayer and to give me that boldness. Tears were streaming down my face, snot was everywhere, and I knew I looked rough, but I still didn't stop. I had to get that breakthrough. I HAD TO! God wanted me to. If I am to do the will of God in my life, I had to have the Holy Ghost boldness! It is an absolute must! Before I knew it God started moving. Instead of me pleading and begging, I was receiving! I WAS RECEIVING! God heard my prayer! He knew I had been praying and seeking! HE PROVIDED! My God provided right on time! All the sudden God gave a message in tongues and God use me to interpret the message (Interpretation was a gift I had been seeking for a very long time). I don't even know how to describe the thankfulness that filled my soul! All I could do was scream "Thank You Jesus!"

I know that last night was just the start of the rest of the week and I also know that God wants to move on more souls and bless many more! But are we willing to get on fire for God? Are we willing to come expecting and prayed up? If we want that moving of God, we have to start coming to church expecting God to move. We can't come into church with our mind on the events of the day. We are in church to worship God, not reflect on how bad our day went.

If you live around Live Oak, Florida I invite you to come join us in worshiping the Lord. Come expecting God to move. THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD! Hallelujah! I can't wait for another night of revival!! I am telling you what! Praise the Lord! Even if you can't make it, please be praying for the services.

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