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Can You Feel It?

My last post was about a shifting that God had spoken to me about back in June. Since then, and honestly just recently, I have been feeling that something is really different spiritually. I know in my own personal life, God has broken off some things that kept me from getting closer to Him and He's been showing me more in the spirit. I do believe that we are entering into something that is indescribable.

Speaking of indescribable, on New Years Eve some friends of mine get together and pray in the new year expectant for God to speak a word over the upcoming year. When God spoke about this year this is what He said, "For us to keep the hunger, desire, and ambition this year and He will carry us to places and to do things that we have never seen before."

After this word, I usually go searching on the internet for any other words that may have ben given over the new year from trusted prophets of God. A few that confirmed the word given was from Kenneth Copeland (the link here: . Not only did Kenneth Copeland give a word saying that this would be the year that we would see things we've never seen before, but Judy Jacobs did at Winter Ramp 2017 (the link here: I believe God has big plans for this year, and I plan on being a part of it.

We need to make sure even before we see God moving that we are praying, fasting, and studying God's precious word. Draw near to Him and spend as much time with Him as possible. He desires to just talk with us. A beautiful scripture that I have been leaning on lately is James 4:5, it says "Or do you think that the Scripture says in vain, “The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously”? (NKJV)

God yearns for us jealousy! All He wants is us! Just give Him your everything, your heart, your treasure, and He will take it above and beyond your doubts and desires.

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