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A-Listed will be in Manchester for the UK’S second edition of the UK’s favourite baking exhibition looks set to be the most exciting yet -with new stars and astounding cake creations joining the mix at the Cake & Bake Show on 4-6 April.

Visitors will be wowed by the UK's most ambitious cake installation, which is being created exclusively for the show. 17 cake artists have spent over 6000 hours creating 'Welcome to the Jungle', a walk in jungle created from cake, chocolate and sugar.

Everything will be edible - from the insectsand the grass to over 1700 handcrafted flowers, 1700 leaves, a family of monkeys, an elephant, a goddess statue, a sugar waterfall and all sorts of incredible wildlife. 750kg of cake, 40 kg of chocolate and over three million calories make up the jungle, which has been created by cake artist collective,

Top baking stars will be appearing live on stage including Great British Bake Off champions Frances Quinn & John Whaite alongside Eric Lanlard, Simon Rimmer, Rosemary Shrager, Mich Turner, Peter Sidwell and Paul a Young.

So whether you're a homebaker or professional cake decorator, Great British Bake Off’s biggest fan or a self-proclaimed cake connoisseur, the Cake & Bake Show is the place to be this April.

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