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Instant audience

Your posts are read by other Sett readers. Even if you've never blogged before, people reading similar articles across the Sett network will find your post.

"I got more views in one hour than I got in a month." -Mariano

Better interaction

Your posts get votes and more, higher-quality comments. Blogs average 98% more comments after switching to Sett. Voting surfaces the best posts & comments, so you make a great first impression on new readers.

More readers subscribe

Every interaction guides readers to become subscribers -- with one click. They're notified of new posts and of new comments on posts they've followed, and they're constantly re-engaged via email.

Your community grows

Your readers have a living place to communicate. Readers start their own discussions in the community section. They see who's online and which posts are being read. Your blog is more than a collection of posts.
What bloggers say

Protip: Try Sett to start a blog — it’s a great way to grow an audience and community.

- Leo Babauta of zenhabits & Unschoolery

I have more repeat viewers and more frequent commenters. Rather than just building a blog, it feels like I have built a community.

- Xin He of Minimalist Wealth

Learn more:   I have a blog.I'm new to blogging.
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Learn more:   I have a blog.I'm new to blogging.
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