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Favorite Things Friday!

'Favorite Things Friday’ is a weekly gratitude journal pioneered by my dear friend Kristy Edwards who is definitely a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kinda gal. We humans spend so much time during the week rushing to appointments, checking items off the to-do list, worrying about family, feeling frustrated, bored, anxious, under-appreciated and occasionally overwhelmed….. It’s nice to make a habit of taking a few moments at the end of the week to stop, breathe, and remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives. Gratitude is a deliberate attractor of positive vibrations. I find that the more thankful I am, the more positive my thoughts become, which in turn brings more positive people and experiences into my life. It sets up cycle of appreciation and happiness. :-)

So without further ado, here are the things I am happy about or grateful for this week:

1) Book Club! A little context here, this past December rather than writing out a list of New Year’s resolutions that I would most likely break, I wrote out a “Want List” of all my intentions for the year. Incidentally, it’s a rather long list. Writing more was on the list (hello blog!) as well as reading more, cooking more, and spending time with friends. To address those last three, I came up with the idea of starting a monthly book club. I sent out some emails to see if anyone else was interested and, lo and behold, they were! The inaugural meeting of the newly minted “Words & Wine” book club is happening this coming weekend. I am so excited! Looking forward to an afternoon of stimulating discussion, good food, and a little vino. I am overjoyed to discover that reading and discussing literature is not a lost art.

2) Daylight Savings Time – Granted, having to adjust to walking Peanut the Wonder Dog in the dark each morning took a little getting used to, but how delightful is it to get out of work and still have a few hours of sunlight left?!!? I’ve been getting to the gym again, going for walks, watching Peanut chase butterflies (which rates ridiculously high on the cuteness scale)…..having the sun set later really gives you the perception of having more time. And I, for one, intend to take full advantage of it and get out there!

3) Cineopolis - Have you guys heard of this place? It’s a chain of luxury movie theaters where you sit in individual leather recliners and order food and cocktails during the film. Bravo to that! I am going for the very first time this weekend with my lovely friend Corie K. and I am really looking forward to it.

What I'm Thankful for in 2014

On Tynan

I think that gratitude is an essential part of a good life. If you don't appreciate the people, places, and things that make up your life, you don't have much motivation do anything. I feel the weight of gratitude every day. Many times a day I think of how fortunate I am to be where I am, and how so much of that is due to other people. I can't write that post every day, but I think I can get away with it on Thanksgiving.

I'm most thankful for my family and friends. The two categories of people are intertwined because I feel like I'm best friends with many of my family members, and that many of my friends are so close they may as well be family. Genetics make clear lines, but in real life they're one big group of people I love.

I traveled with a lot of friends this year, and I'm particularly grateful for that. Sharing my favorite places around the world and discovering new ones with friends are among my favorite things in the world. I'm very fortunate to be able to do a lot of that.

I made only a few new friends this year, but I feel like I became closer with a lot of friends, often as a result of traveling together.

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