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Fear and Focus

Thinking about my problems as stemming from fear is in interesting take. I mentioned lack of focus as a big problem recently, and I can see how that could come from a fear of not getting enough done. Maybe I'll get fired if I'm not focused and productive at work? That's not happening, I'm continuing to get great reviews and raises at work. Maybe my kids will grow up badly since I don't have enough time to spend with them? That's not happening so far as I can see either, even if I do worry about it.

I've also been concerned about the weight I've gained since my newest baby was born. I'm definitely afraid of that extra weight causing health problems that could shorten my life. This is an area though where I've tended to view the fear as healthy, a motivation perhaps to do something about it. But since starting the self-compassion module I've read about how self-compassion can be much more effective than fear or self criticism for making change.

I've Got 10 Invites for SETT. Who Wants One?

On DROdio

I moved my blog over from Wordpress to SETT a bit over 6 months ago, and I've been absolutely loving it.

@Tynan, the creator of SETT, has given me ten invite codes for SETT, good for either a FREE personal plan, or 40% off a paid plan, for life.

If you want to scoop up one of these invite codes, here's how to do it:

Pick any blog I've written (other than this one) and make a comment on the thread.  In your comment, include the hashtag #GiveMeSETT .  I'll send the invite code to the 10 best comments I receive.  And by best, I mean thoughtful responses to the topics at hand.

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts that you can comment on:

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