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How to Configure a Lightning Fast WordPress Website

This configuration is fairly thorough, meaning it covers most of your speed and security requirements, but I'm wide open to comments on how to improve it. I realize it's not 100% perfect, but I can assure you that it will make your WordPress Installation secure enough to fend off most hack attackes and lightning fast.

I'm not going to get into the details of why this is a great configuration, I'll do that in a different blog post. But I will say that if you're familiar with Apache, but want the speed and SEO benefits Nginx will offer, this is a great configuration.

Make sure you have your server's hostname established as well as a static IP before you attempt this tutorial.

Issue the following commands to configure your server. Update and upgrade server.

Install everything you can from the repositories.

If you want to get rich, stop being a fucking joker


Get a coffee and some popcorn ready before you read this one. Love it or hate it, either way you'll be wildly entertained. Names and details changed, for obvious reasons.

Subject: Very important email from Sebastian. Please read ASAP.

This is a very important email. Please read it, wait 10-20 minutes before replying and just think about it (don't surf the web, just think), and then reply with your thoughts.

First, the tactical things -

1. Anyone one of you can use the following credit card to sign up for anything.

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