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HubSpot vs WordPress, is HubSpot Worth It?

I had a new client ask me the other day if I knew anything about HubSpot and what I thought about them. He specifically wanted to know whether he should use HubSpot or WordPress, not fully understanding the difference. I told him I'd do an analysis of their products and give him my opinion. Here's what I came up with. I've broken down each section of HubSpot and compared it to the closest WordPress feature I could relate it to.

If you create your content with HubSpot and decide to leave HubSpot I could not determine who owns the content. Are you at risk of losing all the time and effort it took to develop the content that you've created? How about SEO rankings that the content has helped you achieve if they take it offline? SEO takes months to start seeing benefits from, but they last a lifetime. Does this mean you are tied to HubSpot for a lifetime as well?

I have learned that your content is yours, and you can take it where ever you go if you decide to cancel with HubSpot, but why wouldn't you just create this content on your own website that you control and own to begin with? When your content starts to produce results and becomes vital to your business and invaluable to you, wouldn't you like to have the piece of mind of knowing you have full control over it? What if HubSpot goes out of business (although I heard they have significant funding) and disappears? And even if you did retain rights to that content, moving it to a new server, even if the domain is the same, can sometimes lead to a drop in rankings because of IP address issues and server speed. Both of which you can control if you host your own content.

Google's search engine has such a huge market share that no other search engines really matter to us SEO's. I don't care how my customers rank in Bing or Yahoo or even Ask because they produce no business for my clients. HubSpot has several tools including a keyword research tool and page grader. My experience is that Google Webmasters Tools has the best page grader available because it is exclusive to Google's own search results, the only results that really matter, and its free. They also have the best keyword research tool available, because its also exclusive. I only care what these tools say are good keywords because if my main focus is to rank on Google, all I want to know is what Google thinks about their own keywords. There is nothing better than going directly to the source in my opinion.

In terms of social media and email marketing, HubSpot has some nice products. However social media integration can be added and fully automated with WordPress with little effort and there are so many options out there it's rediculous. I use a plugin for my email marketing company, MailChimp, that as soon as someone signs up for my newsletter, my autoresponder keeps their email box fed for six months. And I can add that same functionality on Facebook, YouTube, and anywhere else I want to. I only use their start service which is free. Then in my WordPress dashboard I can look at all the statistics such as how many emails were opened, how many were clicked on, how many unsubscribed, etc. Hard to beat for free.

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I developed a fascination for gambling when my friend first took me to a casino at the age of 23. I tried my hands at poker and ended up losing 3 months of wages. At that point, though I knew was in trouble, I did not realize the severity of what I was getting into. It took me a while to figure out that I was a gambling addict and it ruined my marriage and my finances. Every day I had to fight the urge to stay away from the table and the moment you lose, all you want to do is keep playing to win back every dime you lost. This only pushed me deeper into debt until one day I pawned even my house on a high stakes game. I lost everything that night and that was the last time I ever gambled. It’s been 5 years and I have been working diligently to get my life back

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