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How to Quickly Check a List of Keywords for Available Domains

I was interested today in finding a domain for my new side business, online technical support. I wanted to find a good domain but didn't want to hand type in thousands of domains to figure out what was available so I came up with a pretty fast method of finding a great domain with the following criteria. You can easily switch this up to appease your specific needs. My criteria was:

So here's what I did to achieve this. Pretty stoked about figuring this out, this used to take a long time to do with out being a member of a paid service.

Step 1. Make a short list of about 5 or 6 of the broadest terms you can think of pertaining to your needs. I came up with:

Step 2. Head over to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and login with your Adwords account if you have one. If you don't it's ok, you'll just have fewer results.

Step 3. Conduct a search for each keyword phrase you identified in step one. After each search just click the checkbox to select all, then download as a CSV file.

If you google Econoception...

On Econoception

The other day I was bored so I decided to google search “Econoception”. The first result that appeared was from The word Econoception actually exists and is

a term that symbolises how the markets (and society in general) ignore the reality and rather trust perception gathered through media and others. It is also supported by the theory that 'as long as the numbers stay in line with previously acceptable economic data, the world won't fret too much about what is happening on the ground'


Fascinating isn't it? There are many instances where speculators and traders jump at the slightest rumour and news published in the media. News release days are typically high volatility days; even when the world economy was plagued with fundamental problems the S&P500 still rose more than 200 points over first four months of 2012.

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