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"In Surprisingly Bold Move, Sweden Offers a Home to All Syrian Refugees"

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from Policymic: The Swedish government announced on September 3 that it would be granting permanent residency to any Syrian refugee seeking asylum that's already fled to Sweden. Although Sweden's new policy is being hailed by humanitarian and immigrations groups, other countries have been stepping up as well. According to DW, Austria has accepted 200 refugees and Germany has committed to welcome 5,000 displaced Syrians.

If you're scared go to church. Plus a magician!

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Friday was Sweden's National Day. It's like the Fourth of July, but not independence day because Sweden was never a colony, and not as big of a deal because there are less flag-waving fanatics over here. Everyone does get the day off though, so my family and I all headed into Trönö for a children's festival. They sparked off the event with a Magician! I have no idea what the guy was saying, but got to see some juggling and fire swallowing. It was awesome.

After the magic show I went to check out a church across the way. I was able to climb around a gate to get up to the bell tower for some adventure and beautiful photos. One thing about the graveyard around the church I notices was that many of the graves had big Zen gardens in front of the headstone. I hope that tradition catches on in the US.

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