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Damn son, why didn't I learn this when I was six years old?

On Linus Rylander

When I first took an interest in running and looked at running shoes, I was taught that different people have different feet. That you need different shoes depending on what type of foot “pronation” you have.


It turns out that the fundamental anatomy of a human being doesn’t change. If you look at a dog or a cat or a rabbit, then generally speaking, a rabbit is a rabbit is a rabbit, etc.

If your feet point outward when you walk or stand, it probably means you have tight ankles. (Possibly from walking with elevated heels your entire life -- apparently, most boots and shoes aren’t made for walking, your feet are. Heels on shoes compromise everything from your heel cords to your knees to your hips to your back. Yay heels.)

If your feet point in when you walk or stand, it probably means you have tight hips.

Spotlight - Lucy Choi


For every great looking shoe I have encountered, there has been known price tag attached which can ruin the dream. Lucy's delicate balance in creating a chic line up has not compromised the price tag. So discovering her collection earlier this year was like a fairytale fantasy for my purse. Her designs are sexy, stylish and timeless classics you will wear over and over.

Lucy's brand has made it's own mark which is no easy task if your uncle is Jimmy Choo. Her label seeks to continue the family heritage and expertise of the past into the future. Her business savvy rise defines a strong independent label, we applaud Lucy Choi in becoming the ‘go-to’ shoe queen.

A-L caught up with Lucy on her collection, 2014 and most importantly her first pair of heels.

If your collection could speak what would it say?

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