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So Much Noise

On A Word or Two from Lundie

I think this latest political upheaval has been the catalyst for me to break my addiction to Facebook. Actual discussion seems to be nearly impossible. It LOOKS like people are talking, but mostly they seem to be just yelling in the direction of each other, just playing ping pong with their opinions.

Focus turns inward to the spiritual. I'm currently reading about the Divine Source and Divine Order. With so much noise in the world, can an inner peace and silence help change the world? What can I do to be a force for good? I want to help our world to heal, but is that even possible?



The epic Anti-Valentine’s Day party is back for its second year at Bounce – Europe’s biggest ping pong and cocktail bar – and this year it’s a complete Valentine’s clampdown.

The swanky underground establishment - recently voted as Pippa Middleton’s top ping pong haunt – will be making sure guests abide by their strict Anti-Valentine’s Day rules.

In between supping cocktails and ponging, partygoers can shake their sexy selves on the dance floor to dance tracks from DJ Shredded Pete.

Or if you’re dancing’s not quite up to scratch take part in outrageous singleton games and tournaments organised by Bounce’s Bouncers including: Single and Proud (round the table madness) and Cupid’s Day Off (mismatched guests will be selected at random to double-up for the Championships).

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