The Words of Focus Project 90 days of 60 minutes of just writing [Started August 11, 2014] en-us Fri, 19 Jul 2019 15:15:09 +0000 Sett RSS Generator Past Life Regression Hypnosis Wow. Today was interesting.

So, Derrick hypnotized me. And I learned a LOT of things.

I'll try to recount today as well as I can, as I feel that it has been a day worth remembering.

First Derrick and I met for breakfast. We talked about the hypnosis over eggs Benedict, talked about some other things, and I wrote down the final version of the questions I'd ask in my session. I'll go over these later, with the answers (as I remember them currently)., it bothers me that I can't remember much of what we talked about during out whole morning.

We'll such it is. Then we went to a picturesque cafe nearby, and shared our life philosophies and stories a bit.

Then my place, and we begin our hypnosis.

Let's see what I can remember of this.

So it started in my valley. With my puma. I was resting on the cliff, i the sun, watching the birds fly over the forest. I go on a little trip which I've can't dive into detail on, and suddenly find myself underground.

This is strange. It feels strange. I am closely surrounded by rock.

Then I see a fire. I am not surrounded by rock anymore. I interrupt Derrick and tell him that I have arrived somewhere.

I am, I realize, with my tribe. We are at the mouth of a cave. I am wearing soft skin shoes and loose animal skin cloths.

Across the fire from me, to the right, are a couple cuddling. To my right is a friend who I have hunted with often, survived near death with. His name us Ugh. To my left is a girl I love. She is curled up, staring into the fire. I want to go and cuddle her, but I feel like she's doing something and I should leave her to it. I think her name is Ash.

Flash to another point in that same evening, and we're eating. Most things are roughly the same, except that I notice something about Ugh. See, he is fully eating. It is everything that he is in that moment. He chews and tastes the deer we have killed, and it's obvious that nothing else matters to him in the world right now. He is the verb 'to eat'. And he's always like this. Completely doing whatever he is doing. 100% focused. This is why I like him. I admire this.

Flash forward again, and we're in a fight. We're in a forest, and we've been ambushed by people with short, straight hair, darker skin, and smaller frames.

I'm afraid. And angry. Ugh is kicking ass behind me. I don't know where Ash is. I'm standing there with my spear, and they're coming from everywhere.

I see the male half of the couple get taken down. I know he is dead. I rush in and kill one of his killers.

We wind up routing our attackers. We quickly round up the tribe, tend our wounds, I lick a cut on Ash's leg (both to disinfect it and take care of her, as well as be playfully sexual). We quickly honor the male half of the couple (the female half grieves a bit more than us), taking a moment to remember him and love him, and we move on. We know that, once he's dead, his body belongs to the earth.

We camp that night near a lake.

Flash to another life. I'm in a longhouse in the winter. I see kids playing, and people slowly and relaxedly milling about. I realize that I don't think I'm human. I think I'm a dog. An old and wise lady is scratching my head.

Upon Derrick's prompting, I explore my memories. I know, from my memory, that this house is surrounded by a short but strong barricade-fence, a few other buildings, and some kind of agricultural thing going on, in which fields I play with kids.

I don't stay here long. My body feels very uncomfortable. Derrick trys to bring me to a next point in that life, and suddenly (after a few quick flashes between different scenes) I'm in a room full of tall marble columns.

I am leaning against a column near the entrance, waiting for someone. I have a sword, well made breaches, a flowing shirt with a deep V next, waving brown hair, and striking features.

I am looking on with bemused disdain at the scene in front of me. Ostentatious decorations, mosaics, and the like surround this place. Fat men in robes scurry about. One of these fat men, the one I am waiting for, is my uncle. I have done something that has gotten me into a bit of trouble with these bureaucrats, and he's in there sorting it out. Something involving being drunk and a chariot. I also know that I am the son of an aristocrat, I live a play-boy-eque life of women and sexy people and learning and general adventeristic hedonism.

I see my uncle approach me. He looks like all the other fat men; balding in front, walking weirdly as he holds up part of his robe in one hand, generally looking like a symptom of a screwed up society. He seems a bit flustered.

I like him and he likes me, but we're both kinda skeptical about each other's lifestyles.

He won't tell me what's up, and his expression does not bode well. We walk out of the building, through the market-lined streets. Nothing. He's avoiding the topic.

The city is well built, the people look active. There's lots of white clothes and lot of manskirts.

Flash forward. We're having dinner at his place. Still nothing. I don't think that my uncle would let anything seriously bad happen to me...but he might let something moderately bad happen to 'teach me a lesson'.

Not my style.

That night, I leave. I grab a horse, some gear, and head out.

We leave that scene, and I'm looking at a bedpost. I'm in a bed with flowing silk curtains and a beautiful room with the wind breezing through.

In bed with me is a woman. Someone's wife.

Flash forward to my death bed. I'm dying of old age. My two children are at my bedside. I am proud of them, and them of me. I love them. There is no sorrow here. We have talked about this, and we understand that it is simply my time to die.

Derrick is caught off guard here. He asks me to flash back to see my family.

I am having dinner with my family in our well off estate. My wife, my young man son, my child-aged daughter, and a guest who is something of a student of mine. I taught him the ways of the merchant class.

I am a merchant. A successful one. I became a merchant because it allowed me to profit from a life of enjoyment and adventure, and because it allowed me to disrupt the fat men in white robes and make this a little more interesting (and usually better) for everyone involved.

I have eschewed my aristocratic airs, turning rebel against them.

I am among the first of the rising merchant class. A class of free commoners, who have self-made wealth and have obtained self-made power. We are beginning to challenge the incumbent aristocrat class.

I have taught my son archery and the like. He is going to be a great man.

Flash back to my death bed. I die, my son holding tightly to my hand in a bond of man recognizing and loving man. I am very proud of him.

Derrick asks me to go past. To die and see what is next.

It's nothing. I don't see anything. I feel like I'm floating. And everything is okay.

Derrick asks me to look back on my life. See if from a different perspective.

The lesson from that life is hat life is worth the adventure. I enjoyed everything, it was awesome. It was all fun. Even when things were dangerous and crazy, I enjoyed myself. It was just...well spent.

Also, having a strong body is important. I always kept my body able. Because of that, I was able to do most of the things I did. I never got fat, I never got lazy. I never stopped. I was always up to something.

I kept myself active, both physically and with projects. There was always something I was trying to do. I'd be raising my son, or building my caravan, or seducing this girl..whatever. It was always something.

Back to my current state. I feel like everything around me is the same thing as I am...which is not much.

I do sense large entities in the far distance.

Derrick asks me to go check them out.

I go to a sun (I just am there, all of a sudden). In front of me, incredibly close it seems, the burning sun roars and roils. There's planets around. I guess I'm in space.

I look to myself again. I am nothing. I have no limbs. No body. I am just an awareness. And everything is okay. "It's really chillaxed, I feel like the Beatles."


Now we get in touch with my ideal self. And we ask him the questions. I won't be able to do these good justice now. I will report back soon when I have listened to the recording.

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Sun, 12 Oct 2014 17:51:34 +0000
the only way past is through Picture is: my creation station for the day ------ Well hello there, fancy seeing you here. Today is a hustle day. I have not been performing as I can and desire to. I have been very unfocused this past week. Tonight I am fixing up the biggest part of the mess I created]]>

Picture is: my creation station for the day


Well hello there, fancy seeing you here.

Today is a hustle day.

I have not been performing as I can and desire to. I have been very unfocused this past week.

Tonight I am fixing up the biggest part of the mess I created by having been so. Namely, I am writing the TurnPoint website and site skeleton.

It is currently 0441. I have been working since around 21, and I will keep working until the site copy iteration 1 is complete. Then I reward myself with sleep. Then hustle.

I found out, yesterday, that I have made aprox a dollar a day for the past 90 days off of RadNomad. The site isn't optimized, neither are the reddit posts, my other social media marketing has almost no following...and yet here I am making a dollar a day.

Not bad. Not a bad start at all.

I just got my first real shout-out from another blog.

Oh! And I learned first hand something I already knew.

Often, the people who speak up are the complainers. Anger and it's ilk are more action inducing than the enjoyment.

Luckily, Reddit gives a solid way to measure both. Simply put, an upvote is like the least energy or though consuming action ever. I would be even more so if Reddit were to create a simple program that just overlayed a little upvote/downvote button set on any website it linked to. I have no idea why they do not do this...well, no, I do understand. They don't want to rock the boat. I would appreciate it, though.

Right, my point. My point was this: when I post a RadNomad article, it is often upvoted. Not always (each reddit community truly has it's own vibe, and the bigger they are the more assholes...duh). However, the comments are usually quite negative, and any comments I make get buried in downvotes.

Interesting. For example, I had a post up on Dr Bronners soap today. Results were a few thousand visits to the site, a reddit score of about 75 (which kept me on the front page of the subreddit for day or so), an unsolcited blog post on another blog about mine...and a slew of comments about how the article is shittily written and I suck.

There were (there always are) a fair few people pointing out that I've posted this before.

And I am gaming reddit for sure. I am spamming.

Now I did stop for a few weeks to take a look at this. I had strong cognitive dissonance. People were digging my reddit posts, but I was also spamming. Some reddiors are seeing it multiple times, and they dont' like that. I am definitely using reddit for a way that is not intended.

Here's what I'm doing in detail:

- Once a week maximum, I post a link to a RadNomad blog post on a subreddit at an optimal time.

- I only ever post once per blog post per subreddit

- I ensure that the subreddit is going to appreciate my blog post (or at least I think they will) by looking at the topics in their top posts

- For the rest of the week, I share other stuff on these subreddits. Stuff that is simply interesting.

See, reddit has an amazing communty. A community so powerful and self moderating that, even though there are loose rules against spamming, it doesn't work simply because the community will vote you into oblivion and the more acitve mods will ban you. You can't spam.

Unless. Unless your spam is useful and valued. Unless the community loves it, and do not think you are posting about nothign other than your own stuff.

But that still spam? It is definitely oversharing with the intention to get people to the site.

But it is overshaing in a way that people like.


I still do not know.

But I know that if more people are finding the best nomad gear through this, and it's getting upvoted to prove that it is percived as helpful/value, and I'm making money.

Well, these are three reasons to keep doing what I am doing.

Am I rationalizing this to myself?


Yes I am. By default, I do not like the idea of doing this

But here we are.

Ugh...something happening to me.

I think I'm about to hit a caffine crash combined with sleep deprivaton. I can feel my eyesight unfocusing and my head feels light and my eyes are a touch leaden.

After this, I will take a 90 minute nap.

Then wake up and dive into wrtin ghte copy of the site

This will mark the end of today and beginning of tomorrow.

Before my nap, I will

- Share TP skeleton

- Review day


- Nap 90 minutes

- Start new day w/ gentle yoga and meditation (don't want to sweat much)

I've killed at least 30 mosquitos tonight. And they finally seem to be leaving me alone, though I'm betting that's because of something unrelated to my battle with them.

RIght, what am I proud of?

- I am proud of reaching out to Asha when I needed help

- I am proud of guiding Alex to prep for a very intense month in order to be able to present his parnts iwth a paycheck withina month, so as to prove to them that the concept works and therefore ensure he does not have to deal with them trying to force him to get a job.

- I am proud of husting all night to write the skeleton

What did I learn

- I can totally dive in and focus.

- There truly is a beauty to the stillness of the world at night. I doubted it, but it is true that the absence of humans around you allows you to zone in. I need to find a way to do night stuff. Perhaps begin taking long naps during the day, in order to stay up quite late at nights. I must try this.

- I have put myself in a position where i must either be excellent or fail. There is very little safety room here. I must be excellent.

- On the plus side, I enjoy nothing more in life than being excellent.

What can I do better tomorrow?

The biggest thing I can do better is to just start, and to focus.

As usual. Start without hesitation, and do not allow distraction.

When you feel that discomfort in the back left of your brain, heed it. Notice it. And do whatever it takes to remove it.

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Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:23:04 +0000
"Without worry, you have nothing to worry about." Picture is: The wonderful and occassionally spooky stairs to my neighbourhood --- Good news, I just lost my shirt. I like that shirt. Despite the fact that it almost always stinks (one day I will care enough to fix the issue that I perpetually stink), it's got an awesome]]>

Picture is: The wonderful and occassionally spooky stairs to my neighbourhood


Good news, I just lost my shirt.

I like that shirt. Despite the fact that it almost always stinks (one day I will care enough to fix the issue that I perpetually stink), it's got an awesome design and it just to happens to perfectly match my ilumina bracelet.

And it's gone.

Now, stoicism. There are two questions we must ask before we care about anything.

Does it effect me?

Can I effect it?

If the answer to either is no, I do not care.

There is no purpose in caring.

Another wonderful way of putting this philosophy is "If you cannot change something, then what is the point of worrying? If you can change something, then what is the point of worrying."

Or, even more perfectly "Without worry, you have nothing to worry about."

That shirt is gone.

Which leaves me with 2 shirts, both of which are a bit too big for me.


Tomorrow, as my reward for writing the TurnPoint site (tomorrow's main MVP, which was supposed to be today), I will contact RadNomad companies and pitch them on the idea of sending me samples.

I'll do all 4 notebooks (I've already got Moleskines, so the other 3), someone for wait, Outlier is sending me two shirts. Rad! Hmm, lemme see what shirts they are.

Oh hells yeah, these are cool shirts. I got a button up biz-style shirt with a unique design for flexabilty and fit, and made of merino wool + cotton blend. Excellent for biz adventure.

I also got a merino wool v neck.


I also got distracted just now. Whoops. Email.

Shit is intense. I didn't even start on TurnPoint today.

Why? Distraction, inablity to focus.


Rolf really understands me. And he's completely honest with me. Today he told me he's hesitant about working with me because he knows my focus is not often narrowed and tends to go in many directions. Very true.

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Tue, 16 Sep 2014 17:13:48 +0000
ZzzzzzzUP Picture is: A list of all the cheezy things me and Asha must do. ----- Sleep. Top performers sleep a lot. They need to, biologically, it seems. Because their energy output is so high per hour compared to normal people, they must sleep more to rejuivinate themselves. Tod]]>

Picture is: A list of all the cheezy things me and Asha must do.



Top performers sleep a lot.

They need to, biologically, it seems. Because their energy output is so high per hour compared to normal people, they must sleep more to rejuivinate themselves.

Today was...wandering. The need to crash hit me pretty early, and I can feel - literally feel - my mind unable to function. It feels like neurons are called upon to fire, and they instead fizz out.

My writing right now is slow.

Let's see if I can focus it. I must focus not only on the writing itself, but on the topic matter. I must harness my remaining willpower and focus and put it entirely into this one task.

Music helps. One sec.....

There. Ah, it really does help.

I love to remember and act upon the practice of consciously cementing neural pathways in my mind. Training my mind to naturally focus and to naturally dive deep into a driven flow.

What am I proud of today?

I am proud of getting out of bed despite my tiredness.

I am proud of working until all MITs are finished.

I am proud of my absolutely amazing talk with Asha. I'm proud that she's leaving the school system and that I'm a part of that decision. I'm proud that she's going to explore polyamory with me.

What did I learn today?

Well, I re-learned that sleep has a huge and noticeable impact on all my functions. Creativity, playfulness, memory, foucs.

I learned that focus and a dive into flow is hugely enjoyalble

I learned that being real and honest works.

I learned that passion consumes all barriers


I was pitched into a pyramid scheme today. A guy I met a while back, who I'd chatted with, called me up on skype and pitched me for an hour to try and get me on this thing.

He just kept talking about money. I could make so much money. Money. Money. No mention of the ethos of the project, no plan to put a dent in the universe, no fucking passion. Just money.

It was strange.

I encounter this every now and then. Often, actually. People who are hippies will work for big pharma companies because money. People will break their morals and fuck with others because money. Worst of all, people will endure endless boredom...for fucking money.

What is this? How can this be justified?

It can't. I could go on a rant about how money is an excellent bridge and a terrible goal...but I've gone over that countless times.

Suffice it to say that I am in the same though glad that I am surrounded by a fair ratio of people who are in this for the passion and a vision, and disgustedly taken aback by the amount of people, even in my life, to whom money is a justificaiton for general shittiness.


It's amazing the immediacy my mindset change when I simply remember a mentor, or recognize the awesomeness of what is happening in a given moment.

Connected with my philosophy, who am I right now?

Real, first and foremost. I do not fake laughter or

....I just stpend the rest of my time riffing with Asha. Deep dive. Counts as writing, because it serves the same purpose.

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Mon, 15 Sep 2014 16:59:24 +0000
If she can do it... Photo is: The aftermath of a war I was having with mosquitoes throughout the entire writing of this post. Fuckers. ----- Woah, that was intense. It's 0225, and I've finished my day. Almost. I have to write this half hour (yeah, we're changing the Words of Focus experime]]>

Photo is: The aftermath of a war I was having with mosquitoes throughout the entire writing of this post. Fuckers.


Woah, that was intense. It's 0225, and I've finished my day.


I have to write this half hour (yeah, we're changing the Words of Focus experiment to a half hour).

This time, I have a pretty huge motivation: every time I write one of these and share it, Asha shares her day's writing with me.

Hey Asha, if I don't write my words for the day, don't let me read yours. Okay? That will ensure I write them.

Asha's been writing for an hour a day for years. Years!

It's not even hard for her. It's become a meditative habit.


And here I was thinking I had taken on this Herculean task. Huh.

A wonderful difference is our ways of viewing it. I view it as a chore. A challenge.

"There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - Seneca. The same holds true for difficulty, to a degree. I expected daily writing to be difficult. And so it has been. Asha expects daily writing to be relaxing and rejuvinating. And so it has been.

Can I not, then, simply change my perception to change my reality?

There is a fascinating thing here: the moment something must be done, resistance rises against my doing it. That seems both counter-productive and counter-intuitive. If my ancestors were hungry, and decided to hunt, would not their persistence in finding prey be rewarded. Would we not be, as a species, naturally selected to be good at setting and achieving goals.

Well, no. There's always the evolutionary advantage of laziness to take into account. If I relax now, I have more energy to burn when I must run after prey (or away from that which considers me prey). The caveman doing jumping jacks will be too tired to fight off the tiger.

Still, it's counter-intuitive that setting a goal raises friction.

This cannot possibly be a universal human state. There must be those who either do not have this mindset or else have trained themselves not to.

I can do this too.


My body hurts.

My shoulder still hurts from the parkour roll I did in Ecstatic Dance.

My hand hurts from the scooter semi-crash.

My back hurts from carrying my bag.

My balls have a rash on them (fyi, wear underwear. They serve a useful purpose, I've discovered. The humidity and all that comes from your balls rubbing against your legs and whatnot. Well, underwear are healthier).

Tomorrow is a payday via TurnPoint: 400 usd.

100 is in Bitcoin

250 is going to Mum.

The remaining 250 or so that I have in my bank account is baseline funds to sustain me while I build up the Copywriting Cabal and Project Bamboo.

And, of course, RadNomad. Which is already paying me a LOT of value in the form of gear. I've already got a pair of $300 jeans and two $50 shirts in the mail from Outlier for a gear rewiew (Radhika is currently wearing her own pair every day for a week without washing to test their mantenance requirements and claim to anti-stinking. She's like 12 days in and so far no stink, despite food spills. Cool.

This week I'll be contacting a few other companies for some other gear. Let's see what my success rate is like.

I'm still on the fence about reveiwing bad gear. Should I write negative reviews?

The advantage is that it shows that we're doing deep research into all gear.

The disadvantages are that it makes no direct money, and it may discourage companies from sending me their gear, thinking I may do a bad review.

My reputation is most important here, however. So I'd best write the negative reviews.

Shall I write the HTC One Mini review?

No. Simply because it is too late for that now, the phone is already obsolete.

FYI, potential reader, do not buy it. It is no good. They made a wonderful phone, and then decided to cut costs on the details and now it's a shell of what it could be.

It could have been the best phone currently in existance for nomads. is shit.

See, perhaps I do write it. Yeah! There may still be people who will buy it, and I can do an honest review which will raise my reputation, and I can give HTC some feedback on why being shit is not acceptable. Okay, scratch the CrowdSufing how-to post. I'm doing an HTC One Mini gear review.

Brb, gonna go change that in my week plan.


You know, it's difficult to speak my mind fully. I have some thoughts I may not want read by...well Asha mostly.

However I practice a version of Radical Honesty, do I not? And I promised Asha that I would tell her my thoughts.

Well, there have been a few things bouncing around in my head:

One is bolyamory. I'm fairly sure I'm the first person to seriously show the philosophy of polyamory to Asha. I'm amazed and infatuated and in love with her to be monogamous, for a while. But not permanently, and I have told her this. See, I understand that going from only knowing monogamy to being polyamorus in an afternoon (or even a month) is a huge leap. One that I do not expect her to make. Hell, even I failed at it my first time, falling into monogamy (for very different reasons, but still).

I was talking with Magnolia after our Starchild massage/hangout. We're blissed out at Elephant Cafe, eating these surprisingly delicious salads, and the topic of Asha comes up (as it tends to when I speak at any length with anyone).

I tell her the story of how we met, our first date, and the monogamy thing. I am the Asha's first connection with the polyamorous lifestyle, and I want to ensure that I can show it to her as excellently as possible.

Ideally, we'd be in Montreal. With Ze'ev and Edgar and Talya. I'd read Sex at Dawn with Asha, she'd get to see how people like Ze'ev and Edgar and Talya operate in polyamorous relationships.

What would probably happen is that Talya and I, or perhaps another girl (or guy, but I expect it will be a girl as that's easier), will softly introduce Asha to the polyamorous world, ensuring we are always but a step away from her comfort zone, always paying careful attention to her actions and emotions and thoughts, and always prepared to step back if needed and 'process' together.

That would be the ideal.

However, we are in the sexually stunted world of Bali. I don't know many polyamorous people here (Rolf & Magnolia are the only ones I'm sure of, and Magnolia isn't active right now as she simply doesn't desire more lovers than her boyfriend).

So how will I introduce Asha to polyamory?

I don't yet know. Will keep thinking about it.

There are other things...but I've now written for 48 minutes and it's wayy past my bedtime.

So, I bid you selamat malam.

Oh, a couple other things.

What did I learn today:

- Talking with friends is HUGELY rejuvinating.

- Noodle packs do not at all satisfy hunger or provide energy.

- Creative writing and planning tends to take far longer than planned.

What am I proud of today

- Being honest in my daily writing

- Planning my week awesomely and intensely

- Having an awesome conversation with Radhika

- for yesterday, helping Asha with her month plan and finding an 80/20 way to turn Job & Transportation hours into Earn1K hours. That was cool.

- Diving into the TurnPoint skeleton, even though I didn't finish it.

- Having 3 deep hustle sessions. Nice.

What can I do tomorrow to make it better than today?

When I wake up, go for a walk and yoga and meditation packing and driving and planning with breakfast all without thinking. No decisions to make until planning...until then, I act on pre-set autopilot.

Today was a 4.5

Now I get to read Asha's words as a reward xD

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Sun, 14 Sep 2014 19:42:38 +0000
Back Where'd that fire go? I just had it. It was right here. This burning blaze that drove me to hustle from waking to wayy past my sleeping time. Sleep was unimportant. Work was a blast. What did it? Well, I had a small success. A little win, you could call it. It gave me co]]>

Where'd that fire go?

I just had it. It was right here. This burning blaze that drove me to hustle from waking to wayy past my sleeping time.

Sleep was unimportant. Work was a blast.

What did it?

Well, I had a small success. A little win, you could call it.

It gave me confidence in myself. And a spark that got me psyched to dive in on it.

I knew I could really kick ass, and I just wanted to work. To just work.



It only really lasted a few days, then a wind down with girls, then a total 72 hour miss spent mostly with girls.

I don't regret that. Not at all.

But I need to understand where that fire came from.

I need to understand how to call it again. How to have it within my grasp. How to brew it, summon it, and hold onto it.

I need that fire.

So. What was it?

Where did it come from.

How can I have it again. Often.

Well, I know that I have it. I had it when I was learning Earn1K, I had it in my first weeks at Contenga, I had it when RadNomad's Reddit method worked.

These all have something in common: a new success, that looked like the stepping stone to greater success.

I was learning to be a freelancer. I had made it to Bali and was going to be Michael's apprentice. I had hugely grown RadNomad's visits and was going to become huge.



It's easy in those places. Easy to keep going.


Because I can see myself improving, and I can see where I will soon be. Life is fun, and I can see it getting a lot more fun very quickly.

Hmm. Is that still the case? Am I still able to grow hugely, quickly, now?

Well, with RadNomad the answer is mostly yes. I'm not travelling enough, but if I were to publish a gear post every week and use Reddit well to publicize them, it will grow.

Quickly? With quick wins?

Kinda. I will have to keep putting out good content, keep making great interviews, and keep publicizing them.

I can do that. And the community will grow.

TurnPoint? Definitely. But why? Where is my motivation there?

Well, meeting up with rad entrepreneurs from around the world will be awesome. It can grow RadNomad. It's a great way to keep my copywriting skills high level and grow my growth hacking skills. Same with Project Bamboo.

It can all grow quite intensely and quickly, then I can automate or eliminate Project Bamboo & TurnPoint, and grow RadNomad. Boom.

I can do this, and reach my $3500/month automated goal, by 21. For sure. I can do this.

I will need to do 12 hour work days. I will love them. I can do this.

Let's do this.

Starting here.

Okay, so if you're reading this, you've noticed that I dropped of the WoF experiement. Damn. Whoops.

It came from a doubt about it that my friend brought up. Namely, 1 productive hour a day is a very valuable resource. Am I sure I wanna spend it just writing stuff that has nothing to do with any of my businesses.

No. No I am not. He makes a good point.

So I thought about it a bit. And I've decided to restart the WoF experiemnt with a modification. I can write about RadNomad stuff, or about my own stuff. Copywriting for other projects doesn't come in here, but RadNomad can.

Let's dive in. I need to write another gear review.

I can review my HTC One Mini. I can't review the sleep mask yet, because I havent' had it long enough. I can review a sarong, and buy one tomorrow for the photos of it.

A sarong is good.

One question is this: do I want to do negative reviews?

They won't be profitable. However, they will shake shit up. And I feel like negative reviews are useful in that they expose shitty gear for what it is: shitty gear.

Overall, I would want to know if gear I was looking into was no good. So will nomads. So yeah, I will reveiw all gear I test.

Okay, so then what's next?

I can write a guide to CouchSurfing. How to use it, why it works, etc.

And why Bitcoin is such a big deal for nomads.

A review of the best SubReddits for Entrepreneurial Nomads

Right, RadNomad can do a slow and steady awesome growth.

Let's step back and observe the fire for a second. What about TurnPoint. Am I psyched about that? Do I want to grow it?

Yeah, it's an awesome business that gives me access to a lot of learning, and I get to use it to learn how I'll gather people for the utopia experiment and for gatherings of my own (RadNomad ones).

The downside is that it is location dependent. I don't dig that. But I can build it so that I will be travelling often and far with it still running. What ties me here? Well, capturing video and stuff, but once that's automated and SOP'd, I don't need to be here. Talking to attendees. Not necessary.

Anything else? Nope. I should be albe to SOP all of it, and just do the copywriting needed for each event. Boom.


If I can get myself in touch with my goal, enough so that I am able to dive in and go whenever...well, I will have mastered one of the most difficult and important parts of life, I think. I can do that.

Still though, I see it as work. WHY? Why does it seem like work. Yes it is hard, but is there anything else I'd rather be doing?

Yes, I'd rather be travelling while I do this.

Okay, s let's set that up ASAP. That's important.

Still though, what's next in my day? After this?

Well, I'll automated the contacting of Project Bamboo contacts, and have Angel reverse the country names and pics in my Anki deck. That will take 30 minutes.

Then I'll contact Rick & Kim and Horatio to meet on Thursday.

With small work out of the way, I'll spend 30 minutes figuring out SETT on RadNomad

Man, I'm really not digging this feeling. I miss that roar. This is a mmmblblb.

I will charge forward none the less, and see if I can incite that roar by inertia.


Picture is a monkey outside the Hubud window. They seem quite active today.

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Mon, 08 Sep 2014 10:04:59 +0000
GoToobs! Today's Mantra: "Long term consistency trumps short term intensity." - Bruce Lee Man oh man have I been avoiding this one. I did not want to write this. Instead of spending the last hour writing, I spent the last hour avoiding writing. I hung out today. I chilled with Ma]]>

Today's Mantra: "Long term consistency trumps short term intensity." - Bruce Lee

Man oh man have I been avoiding this one. I did not want to write this. Instead of spending the last hour writing, I spent the last hour avoiding writing.

I hung out today. I chilled with Matt and Gary, hung out with Nico and Jenny and Muka, had a drive with Emy (who thinks that I am 30 xD).

It was cool.

Got some work done too, though it was mostly clerical.

I'm going to devote this hour to fleshing out my GoToob post. See if I can improve upon it, get it ready to post. It's gotta go live tomorrow, and so does my first draft of the Copywriting Crash Course sales tomorrow is going to be intense.

I need to set up a template for gear reviews. And an SOP for posting them.

Okay, here goes. Let's dive in


I learned two things writing this. The first is that persistence pays off. The first hour and a half I got nothing good. Then it started to flow. It's still flowing, and I've moved it to another location for easier writing. Full post will be up soon.

The second is that I can't write gear reviews during my WoF sessions anymore. They require far too much editing, researching, inspiration, etc. It's not focused on just the writing. So no more gear posts during my writing hours.

Also, I'll do my 'Picture is' here, before the GoToob post
, as a much better version of it will exist on RadNomad tomorrow. I'd only advise reading what lies below if you want a peak at my writing process.

Picture is Muka, the guard dog at Rumah Chichak, cuddling with my housemates.She takes about a month of constant exposure to like anyone, and so she almost never gets much physical contact. She loves the three of us though, and I don't think she's been cuddled like this in a long time. She looks a bit shocked.



Liquids are the bane of a nomad's existance.

- They have a tendency to escape their containers and spread all over your gear.

- Airport goons confiscate them with kleptomaniac glee.

- If they do get on the plane, they occassionally decide to re-enforce the TSA's fears by exploding due to air pressure.

- They invariably come in bulky and horribly designed containers.

- And those containers, designed to be cheap and dispensible, are not useful for re-use.

Liquids are, in short, the least packable and portable of all nomadic necessities.

Liquids suck.

But what if they could be harnessed?

What if your liquids could travel the world with you leak free, TSA-immune, and in excellently designed containers?

Chris Miksovsky and his team at humangear endeavoured to create this perfect container in the form of the GoToob.

These little squishy little silicone tubes, playfully named GoToobs, endeavour to accomplish this.

Designed with the globe trotting nomad in mind by Chris Miksovsky and his team at humangear, the GoToob aims to simply and quietly perform exactly as it should thoughout every adventure.

Ever tried holding water in your cupped hands? Or travelling with a disposable shampoo bottle? Then you know this is no easy feat.

How do the GoToobs measure up to their deceptively complex purpose? Let's take a look.

TL:DR? Skip to the Results section.

What GoToobs Are Made To Do:

- GoToobs will never leak.

Claim: GoToobs will never leak

Verdict: True

--- Can totally ahndle airplane altitude pressure

--- Will endure squishing without leaking

- GoToobs can dispense all types of liquid

--- dispense a lager amount of soap than would be ideal. No small squeeze.

--- On opposite note, very viscous liquids like toothpaste can have a lot left and not dispense because it won't group at the bottom. No biggie, either take off cap and put finger/toothbrush in, or refill.

--- However, dispenses very efficiently. No soap reside anywhere, like always happens on other bottles.

--- The cap is the base, so the contents are always clustered near the cap and so easy to dispense.

- The contents of each GoToob are easy to tell apart at a glance

--- so long as you get different colors yes. May be luck of the draw with amazon buy

- GoToobs stick to a wall

--- certain size only

--- doesn't stick there long. Known to break cap when it falls

--- GoToob will replace cap

- GoToobs feel good in your hands.

- GoToobs are easy to refill and to clean.

[dishwasher safe, wide opening

- GoToobs do not contaminate what is inside of them.

---there have been reports of some liquids reacting with teh silicone and drying up or watering up

--- "The GoToob is made of high-purity, FDA food-safe silicone. Silicone is one of the safest and most inert materials in common commercial use (heck, baby bottle nipples are made from the stuff!). It's not cheap material, but we decided to use silicone for the fantastic performance and safety it affords. However, no material is completely impervious. While GoToobs work great with thousands of different fluids, sometimes a fluid can react, affecting the silicone of the tube, altering the fluid, or both. This is due to reactivity with silicone itself and isn't limited to the specific silicone we use for GoToobs." -

- GoToobs are allowed to be carried on to airplanes.

--- Yup, TSA okay. Also GoToob has been known to replace them if they are confiscated.

- GoToobs will never break

- GoToobs are easily packable

--- They will 'squeeze' down when empty, so even easier

- Maintenence

-- none

- Durable

--- Brittle cap. Known to break if dropped.

--- Certain liquids have been known to fuck with the silicone and leak/destory it

They have that playful aspect that makes them so friendly and fun to squish. The container part is made of an uber soft, almost fuzzy feeling, plastic. I feel a bit warm inside when I hold one in my hand.

- Weight, size, and noticeability

These little interestingly-textured tubes, playfully named GoToobs, are the single best designed containers for their purpose that I've yet enountered.

Loved by travellers, gym goers, and even soldiers

Possible uses

- soaps and shampoos

- toothpastes

- massage oils

- mosquito spray

- Condiments & salad dressings

- Shot-drinks (like a caffiene shot).

- Cologne and purfume

CLAIM: GoToobs Will Never Leak


This is one of the most important features of any container. If the contents can get outside of the container on their own, then it's not 'containing' anying.

There are two points of leakage in any container: the cap & the body.

Built into the GoToob cap you'll find three leak-stopping failsafes...

- The first, the screw on cap, is tight and snug enough that even the runniest of liquids can make no escape.

- Then comes the hinged lid, wonderfully designed to have three seperate anti-leak failsafes built into the inside of it's cover.

-- One to hold down the flap opening that I'll mention next

-- Nne to seperate that flap area from that of the rest of the lid (so that, if the flap did leak, it would be contained in one small portion of the lid surrounding the flap)

-- And the lid's closing itself, which does have two small gaps at the hinge and so will only help contain more viscous substances.

- Finally, the flap-opening that seperates the contents of the GoToob from the world. Just like in the old Gatoraid bottles, these flaps only let the contents through if you some pressure is applied to squeeze the tube. Thereby ensuring that whatever's inside won't just slowly dribble out.

As for the body, the whole of it is a one single pouch of silicone

Something amazing happened when I went to test the effectiveness of this cap. I filled it with water, closed it, and swished it around. Nothing leaked out. Okay then, it works.

I opened it up and...there's no water inside. Doing it a few more times to be sure that the water was in when I closed the cap, and yet gone when I opened it, I realized something. No, it's not that Dumbledore has performed a charm to evaporate water. The cap have been designed to stop the flow one way, and let it in the other. Any liquid trapped in the cap when you close it will flow back into the tube!

The label of the guys that make them, humangear, is discreetly embossed on the side of the cap in a playful font.


There is one single unnecessary and therefore non-ideal feature to the GoToobs. They have a labelling wheel thing on the lid. They engineered the lid with two layers, one turnable, with a hole it in so you can turn it to select a label for what is inside.

This is useless. The seethrough plastic shows you what is inside. The color coding serves as a shortcut incase that first bit isnt enough. Requiring a label is not necessary...and complexly designed rotation one even less so.

And, to somewhat add onto the non-usefulness, the labels themselves are embossed in the same unintruisve way as the humangear logo...which means they're very hard to read unless you're in good light.

"GoToobs are recommended for shampoos, conditioners, lotions, liquid soaps, condiments (ketchup, salad dressing, etc.), body-wash, toothpaste, secret sauce, magic potions, and many other low and medium viscosity fluids. Be sure to check out the compatibility information below for more details on non-recommended fluids." -

"At humangear, we obsess over our products and constantly strive to make them amazing. And we stand behind them once they leave our doors. We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on everything we make.

Wouldn't it be great if every company did this? We think it would probably lead to a lot less cheap junk in the world and a lot more smiling people." -

"Easy You Are to Fill

Strong You Don't Leak When I Travel

Even Through Baggage Claim" -

Unlike most of the other excellent nomad gear out there, GoToobs don't have a strong cult following. They're surprisingly quiet actually.


We are nearly cyborgs.

Ever since our digital nomad ancestors began traversing the globe way back in 1999 [TK link to that post], tech has been the most important part a digital nomad's gear.

Our tech is where we go to learn the skills and mindsets that we use to lead this life. It is our laptops and phones that allow us to build and run our businesses from the world's cafes (and anywhere else with an internet connection). Friendships and project partners are made and grown screen to screen.

In short, a nomad's tech is the doorway to his only permanant home in the world: the internet.

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Wed, 13 Aug 2014 21:10:07 +0000
Contact Dance & Kinky Hippie Love Now THIS has been an interesting day. I woke up feeling kinda depressed. Nothing major, just a bit of kickback from a thing that happened yesterday. I finally got myself to a cafe around noon, dove into a little enclave that feels perfect for hustle, and wrote Lorenzo's ]]>

Now THIS has been an interesting day.

I woke up feeling kinda depressed. Nothing major, just a bit of kickback from a thing that happened yesterday.

I finally got myself to a cafe around noon, dove into a little enclave that feels perfect for hustle, and wrote Lorenzo's about page copy four 1.5 hours.

Then lunch and Hubud where, among other things, I send out a bunch of emails, pitched a new copywriting client, and went to the bitcoin meetup.

Then contact dance. Wow. I fell in love with contact dance when I first tried it at the winter hippie commune in southern Ontario... the exact same time I took my first does of mushrooms. I can't describe what it was like. I can't even give it worthy words now. Perhaps I'll give it a try in a few weeks after a few more sessions.

I learned a few huge things. You know how I talk about dancing with reality? My philosophy of being able to flow with everything that is happening, guiding it to where you want it to be without disturbing the flow and enjoyment of what it is. I compare it to dancing with someone. Or many someones.

Well contact is a pretty excellent parable for it. You flow, doing your own thing and just moving as you feel you ought to. At some point, you touch someone else who is flowing as they feel they ought to. You flow together, just moving as you ought to.

If you've got some aim, it won't work nearly as well. Same if they do.

If you're being guided by fear, it won't work nearly as well.

But if you're both flowing just as you feel you ought to, fearlessly, the dance is absolutely...indescribable.

I learned something about myself... I would stop myself from being to close or sensual, before any indication that I should (even IN the face of encouagement). Out of fear of... being weird? being rejected?. Out of fear of something, I would change my flow to be less sexual.

This is definitely not where I ought to be. I'll work on this. A lot. I want contact to become natural to me. Instinctual. Contact dance will help.

After that, a few of us went out to dinner. Rolf, the guy running the dances, and I struck up a deal. I cannot at the moment afford to pay him the 11,000 entry fee. So, instead, I am helping him get more attendees via my copywriting skills. Some stuff that is blatently obvious to me (asking for referrals post-class, getting testamonials, creating something to share and education people about what contact dance is) were total revelations to Rolf. He simply doesn't think as a marketer. I do, which is why I do not understand the value of how my mind is able to grasp a situation that needs growth and find ways with which to grow it.

We'll be meeting later this week at Hubud to go over it all together. And I'll have free access to Contact Dance.

You know, I ought to do this skill trade thing more often.

Then back to Hubud, though it was 2200, to do some work. I sent out 100 emails...and re-learned three things. One, when you're sending out 100 emails to hugely cool people, you get VERY nervous. Two, that nervousness is a very good thing, as you will catch, through your re-reviewing and double-checking, a few deadly mistakes. Three, when you are doing something awesome, people LOVE to help. I got two emails already in the last few hours since I sent it with hugely positive responeses. Awesome!

After a facebook/reddit break (reddit is aflow with Robin William's tributes. Man that guy was cool), I finally got down to writing today's hour. At 205. Yeah, late. Whatever.

I didn't get a chance to plan out my life a bit more specifically. But that's alright, I did well today, all things considered. Great concentrated hustle.

It's that concentration. That focus. That is SO POWERFUL. I gotta keep doing it.

Right so, that was today. Sweet day. Now what shall I devote this day's writing to?

Let's ask a question about who I am: Why do I feels so comfortable and at home around "kinky" people.

In the whole life, with the exception of my dad and safta, I have never rarely felt more warm and safe and in place then when I am with kinksters.

Why is that? I'm not all that kinky myself (well, that's a matter of perspective, ins't it?). But I feel more at home in a crowd of polyamorists and master/slaves and transsexuals than I do around just about anybody else.


Well, a huge part of it is definitly polyamory and the whole life philosophy it brings with it.

See, when you are polyamorous, and have decided to not jealous at all, you don't just become open to multiple sex partners. You become more open to threesomes. To your lovers cuddling and hugging others around you, and you doing the same without out a hint of wrong.

And this, domino style, tends to break down a few adjacent social barriers. Cuddling becomes hugely more common. Social conventions hardly matter. You can have significantly more trust that the people you are with will understand you better, simply because they aren't so busy trying to hide themselves, and neither are you.

You know what's fucking weird? That friends will get together and never be physically intimate. Not sexually, but as friends. I would hug and lean on and just be physically intimate with Edgar all the time. Talya to. And Ze'ev, though not as much simply because it did not fit his vibe as it fits mine and Edgars.

And kinky people will be playfully sexual with you. I remember the first time I met Talya, a 19 year old boy totally crushing on this kinky cute playful girl. She gave Ze'ev a kiss when she left, and I ask for one too. And she kissed me. Because there's no harm in that. Because it's fun. Because she knew I would love it. Because, hey, why not?

It's such a wonderfully open and freeing and authentic community, the world of kinksters. Having dinner with them was the best dinner's ever. I was able to simply relax into my natural state (which, I find, is one of physical closeness, passion for a huge array of things, the desire to be loved, and a mischevious playfullness). I loved the days I spend with this community in Montreal. In fact, I'm a bit taken aback that the community is so conspicuously absent here in Ubud. It seems like the right place, a tropical yogi hippie paradise. And yet, nope. Nothing. It's totally dead. Or, actually, hidden. Not open.

Probably in large part because of the retarded drug laws here. A kinkster hippie who doesn't do drugs is like a wallstreet banker who doesn't wear ties. Rare. With the two so closely linked, it kinda makes sense that the kinkster communtiy has been pushed underground.

Still though, from the small amount of story I got makes it seem like this community is inherently closed doored.

C'est la vie.

The more in sync I can get with my sexual and sensual self (contact dance will help a lot with that), the more I can meet others like me. Cool.


Picture is an awesome little one-room cave with a floor table at Anomali cafe. I would spend a LOT more of my time in this awesome little cave if it wasn't for the horrendous internet.

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Tue, 12 Aug 2014 19:05:29 +0000
More Hard Truths It's 930 tomorrow. By tomorrow, I mean the day after I am supposed to write my hour. Shit. So I fell into the same mistake that I have fallen into a fair few times before. I go to bed, thinking to take a nap before doing my hour (because I have put it off till the end of]]>

It's 930 tomorrow.

By tomorrow, I mean the day after I am supposed to write my hour. Shit.

So I fell into the same mistake that I have fallen into a fair few times before. I go to bed, thinking to take a nap before doing my hour (because I have put it off till the end of the day). The alarm fails to awaken me, and I miss my hour for the day.

The solution is clear: stop doing this. Either I write my hour while being exhausted, or I write it earlier (before dark).

However, what about my 90 days? Do I start from 1 again?

The challenging, honest part of me says yes. I must make 90 days straight, without any hiccup or fail. If I allow for provisional acceptions, I will end my 90 day knowing that I didn't actually achieve the goal.

The world is often unforgiving. To train myself for it, I too must be unforgiving.


Okay then, this is the beginning of attempt 3.

The upside is that this makes this hour into today's hour, not yesterday's. So I only have to write one hour today.

So, then, this is attempt 3.1.

No more late night napping.


Okay, the topic for today's writing. Let's take a look. I want something that fits with my reviewing and planning of my month and week.

As I've mentioned more than a few times, there is something rediculous about my situation: I am broke at 20, yet I was able to make $80/hour as a freelance copywriter when I was 16. This makes no sense, and couldn't have possibly happened unless I did something very wrong in these last 4 years.

So, let's look at this and see if I can see a few mistakes I've been making, so that I can stop.

There is one clear one: I refuse to work on something that does not inspire me. That I do not think is awesome and world improving and just cool.

This means I didn't work with Abe at Atlas China which, if Stepan's work is any indication, could have given me tens of thousands of dollars.

This means that I no longer send out a hundred emails a day to new startups and the like, pitching them my skills.

This means that I can justify to myself the turning down and refusal to seek large clients whose businesses I do not dig.

This is the reason I chose to be broke and nearly homeless in Montreal instead of just get a job.

And yes, this means that I will not make as much money as fast as someone who does not have this personal rule. It also means, however, that I will always be proud of what I have created, and that I will enjoy my work.

I will stick to this.

At the same time, this is not nearly a good reason for being broke.

I could easily pitch 25 high quality potential clients that I absolutely dig every week with detailed ideas.

I could pitch hundreds of them a introductory email to open talks.

Which would likely fill up my schedule with copywriting work within a month of starting.

Boom. Money problems gone.

So why haven't I done that?

Because I've been building businesses. Chill Hookahs, RadNomad, BookKritters, SurfStoked, Mella's Grocery, Project Bamboo.

Not a single business listed above can be listed as a success. Half are definite failures, for one reason or another.

And all the time I've been spending on these businesses, making little or no money (often spending money), I could have been freelancing. Copywriting, and learning serious Growth Hacking.

I could have been making a LOT of money building awesome things for other people.

I would have been able to travel more, for sure.

I would have probably been able to launch a small side hustle or two as well.

The upside wasn't as good from the start. If I spent 4 years starting businesses, I'd thought a the start, I could be successful and rich in 4 years. There was no chance of me being successful and rich in 4 years by copywriting. Just of being well off.

However, there was risk in that choice. I could also find myself, 4 years down the line, as broke as I was when I started.

And here I am.


The thing is, I still think this. There's no way I'll be successful and rich when I'm 23 (2.28 years) if I just freelance. I'll be well off, and travel a lot. But I won't have an automated income.

I could though. I could become an awesome niche copywriter (ala the AutoResponder Guy), then hire people to do the work for me, productize my service, and automate. Boom.

It's not as gamorous as Project Bamboo or RadNomad. But it's sure to not fail. It may not succeed as huge as them, but it won't see me broke.

But it's not as fun.

Is being broke fun? No.

Okay, there's another reason, related to the first. I don't want a work/life balance. I want to love my work, and have it improve my life.

Let's look at my current businesses, in terms of success so far and their potential and all that.

Project Bamboo

I have an awesome team, though they are both underutilized and under performing. They don't actually do work.

The business idea is solid, and our first MVP looks like it is going to be great so far.

I'm getting paid a bit, and it has good potential. Definitely enough to keep going.

Mella's Grocery

Working with Mella is really hard. There's no communication between us, despite my trying to get that going. The biz isn't in line with my passions.

I can try some Facebook marketing. I mean, I haven't done much clear work in the last few weeks, just a lot of puttering around. Perhaps I don't have the time?

It does have potential to make money. Though it's also got a LOT of probems (high market churn, competiton with restaurants who are so damn cheap)

And this 0 communication thing is a really bad sign, I don't really have the time to learn the new skill of FB marketing...

That said, I will be doing a blog-post interview with Tanner.

Let me try a bit of Facebook marketing and a blog post. See if those gain any traction.

Let me set a goal.

Mella's Grocery has to be making me, personally, $600 USD/month by the end of September or else I must drop it.

If I can't do that, either becaues of the business or my workload, then I must drop it.


Well, this may not make me much income any time soon. It will connect me deeply with the community and get me some free samples if I do it right, however.

And it's RadNomad. My passion biz. I'll keep it up.


This is where I'll be making some income. I'll make more in the 3 hours working for Lorenzo than my last month at Mella's.


I might be being very stupid with Mella's

The truth is, I'm afraid of quitting it. I don't want to leave Mella slumped.

I'm doing neither her nor I any favours continuing it when I have no results though! And the hours I devote to Mella's could be devoted much more profitably to copywrting.

Damn. It's true though. I could do a lot with Mella's, in theory. But I haven't. Why not?

Laziness? I don't think so.

Low priority? Kinda.

Time? Likely.

Low passion? partially.

Okay, it looks like logic dictates that I stop working on Mella's Grocery. Damn. Well. Shit. Okay.

I'll seek Jernej's advice here on how to approach it. Then do it.

Phew. Damn.

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Mon, 11 Aug 2014 02:40:37 +0000
Topics! What an idea! Well today's been awesome. I hung out with Tanner, with James and Samuel and Dana and Mat and the a bunch of other Dynamite Circle peeps. I did some good reading, said goodbye to Laura, chatted with some cool people online. One thing I've been thinking about these works:]]>

Well today's been awesome. I hung out with Tanner, with James and Samuel and Dana and Mat and the a bunch of other Dynamite Circle peeps. I did some good reading, said goodbye to Laura, chatted with some cool people online.

One thing I've been thinking about these works: should I be 'allowed' to do other work in this hour?

The point of this writing is "training myself, proving to myself, that I can resolve to do something, and then persist to have it done". The medium to train myself was to be "A challenge to the very core of my being. Can I sit down, every single day, for one whole hour, for 90 days in a row, and write?".

Well, it doesn't matter what I write according to that. I can devote the writing time to philosophizing, to repeating the same word again and again, to trying new stuff, whatever.

However, I took on this project with the unstated idea of following a morning-pages-like philosophy. That is, to devote this hour to a form of freewriting. I could riff on thoughts, tell stories of what's been going on, philosophize, dream. But this space wasn't meant to be a space for 'work'.

Why not, though? Do I not deeply enjoy, say, writing a RadNomad blog post? Or a thoughful client proposal? Is it not an act of writing and creativity?

Yes I do. Yes it is.

There is one rule-breaker in there though. My hour is supposed to be all about writing. No leaving the page to read or research or anything like that.

Yesterday's client proposal to Keith, that involved a lot of looking at his website. That wasn't all writing. And so it wasn't congruent with the spirit in which I took on this project.

Right now, I want to go look at a blog post I saved about morning pages. To clairify my idea. But I've been doing this for like 50 days already, I don't need to clairify the idea. I've got it. That's just a rationalization of something that I do not need to do that distracts me from what I do need to do.

So I won't do that. It's not in the spirit of my project.

In that same vain, I will usually not talk to people or go do something mid writing. If I have to, I'll stop my 'timer' there and resume where I left off. But I'll try not to.

So, I wanted to write the GoToob post here today. Yet I still feel...wrong...about it. Like the writing for the project has to be written for the project.

If I were to let myself write other stuff here, would I not find myself writing copy and blog posts instead of free flow? Would I not miss out on the ability to experiment with my words and delve into my mind and understand my emotions? Would I not feel compelled by productivity to devote this hour to some writing that accomplishes something in addition to an hour of writing?

I can see how I would feel guilty to write about what I am feeling or about something interesting that happened that day if I could be writing client copy or a blog post.

However, at the same time, I can definitely see the value in devoting an hour a day to, say, writing a RadNomad post. Kinda. Though if I'm looking for full productivity, it would be wiser to devote a day each week instead of an hour each day.

Tynan writes a blog post every day. He only posts 2-3 a week, which means that those 2-3 are teh best out of 7. It kind of ensures that they will be great.

What if I did that?

What if I wrote, each day, about a topic. Or a story. The best of these could make it to or to

It would be not so different from what I am doing already. It would be a looser commitment than Tynan's, so that I can choose to just write if I want to just write. It would be as free-form as it is now. Any topic goes. However, if I were to try to write in the form of blog posts, it would train me to, well, write in the form of blog posts. Each day could have a topic (I've got a bunch written down already) and I could just riff on that and see where it takes me.

I usually start these with whatever happens to be on my mind when I start writing. And, sometimes, that's soild.

However, sometimes that leads me to run out of what to say. To just meander and try to burn time.

However, sometimes it leads me to something like the LOVE by MVP experiment.

If, however, I tried to make sense of something, to clairify a though process and perhaps make it readable. I'd have more gold, probably, though it woudn't come from as unexpected a source as it does now.

What I could do is have posts that ensure that other posts go deep.

Like, I could start with analyzing myself for incongruencies. Like the one I had between wanting to be with girls but not wanting to waste the time it takes to connect with them. Or my ongoing confusion about whether I am wasting my youth by spending it in a way that is so hustle-focused and so carefree-free. Now THAT would be a good topic. And I'm sure there's more of that nature to be found in my mental incongruencies. There's a veritable goldmine of self-improving writing that will also yeild some awesome blog posts in my mental-incongruencies alone. This post itself is a writing on a mental-argument: I kind of want to write business stuff during my hours, but it feels wrong.

I could also about the learnings I've been having lately. Like how I am already who I want to be, if I so choose to be it. It's not a path, but a goal. That's good stuff. I can have a running list of things.

I could riff on problems I have. How is it that I am still broke, even though I know I have the skills it takes to make a solid income (hint: it's because I'm using those skills to build my own businesses instead of others, and because I don't hustle). Why do I have such a complete lack of friends...what is wrong with my mindset and actions that makes it so difficult for me to connect with people I want to connect with? Why is focus so hard to achieve in the short term? The long term? Why do a I crave romance so much? Is it a sign of something internally messed up, is it naturally human, or is it just a personal tendency of mine? (I suspect some of all 3)

I can see so much gold here, even if just in the clairity and revelations these are sure to yeild.

I could also tell my life stories. The day I decided that I had become a man. The day my father died and I learned about it. His funeral. How my relationship with my mom has changed over the course of my life. My first time having sex. That night with Melanie at the camp. The night Melanie left me. When I dove into self-improvment after Nofar broke up with me in Israel. My three-way relationship with Edgar and Talya.

I can talk about my life philosophies. Why family doesn't matter to me. Why I think monogamy is just a horrible idea. Why good design is so hugely important. Why I love being a minimalist.

I can dream. About what Utopia could look like. About the ideal relationship.

I can rant on the shitty things in life, and how we can make them better. Like the horrendous failure that my HTC One Mini represents. And Indonesia's culture of spam. And countries/borders with all their bullshit.

I can ask questions about who I am. Why don't I like clubs?

These are all gold.

Yeah, that is what I am going to do. Each day, I will write about a topic. If something is clearly on my mind, I will write about that. If not, I will pick (at random if necessary) a topic from the list above. I'll keep adding to it too.

Sweet. This is going to be cool.


Picture is almost my life philosophy lately. It's also a shot I took less than a minute after writing this. It's surprising how many good photos are around you waiting to be taken, if you look around for them (especially when you need to take one today and you're running out of time).

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