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More Hard Truths

It's 930 tomorrow.

By tomorrow, I mean the day after I am supposed to write my hour. Shit.

So I fell into the same mistake that I have fallen into a fair few times before. I go to bed, thinking to take a nap before doing my hour (because I have put it off till the end of the day). The alarm fails to awaken me, and I miss my hour for the day.

The solution is clear: stop doing this. Either I write my hour while being exhausted, or I write it earlier (before dark).

Friday Reviews 2014.08.22 thru 2014.09.12

On LL Change Labs

Well, I haven't written a Friday Review in about a month. It makes a big difference to just do a written check-in every week. Even though I have been completing my basic goals, I don't make as much progress on tweaking it and improving things as I do when I write about it weekly. So let's check in with how I've done over the past three weeks, and then I will try to write one tomorrow to jumpstart writing it every week on Fridays. I hope to write it in the morning immediately after I get to work or home, depending on whether I'm going to work that day.

1. How did I do?

I have been doing fabulously on my basic morning routine. I have not skipped a single day of doing my meditation, exercise etc. list of behaviors. I have kept it up in spite of starting a new semester with a bigger teaching load than I have ever handled before, with two completely new preps. I also had no childcare for the first week when I had started teaching but my kids hadn't started school yet, so my husband and I were juggling kids. Somewhere in there, I also increased my running distance -- I now run up and down Labrador, around Forbes and Whittaker, and then down Petit to Kinzie -- just plotted it, and it's about 2/3 of a mile. Miniscule of course to anyone who calls themself a runner, but that doesn't bother me. If I maintain that for an entire year, it is going to be a fantastic base to build on for a lifetime of exercise.

All of the above refers to what I think of as my "basic routine". I did not do so hot on stuff I was trying to add in like (a) flossing, and much more importantly (b) going to sleep and getting up at the same time every night. One night I was even up until after midnight working on prepping my class. Several nights I stayed up later than desired and woke up later. This means my schedule is out of whack because I still have to get up at 6 on days when I have an 8am class. (I generally skip the flossing too when I get up late because I still have to get the kids to school on time.)

2. What got in the way?

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