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Publication Bias


I saw a comment thread on here a while that made me stop and think. It was something like, "People like Sebastian and other people I read/follow/etc online are doing so much, and I feel like I can't live up to that standard."

Well. I know myself, and I've also dined, traveled, socialized, and worked with many people that are heroes and exemplars to the people around them. And I'll tell you this -- there's a hell of a lot of publication bias.

From Wikipedia --

The concept was named after publishing in scientific journals -- people would set up correct experiment designs, but abandon the experiments or not publish the results unless something interesting/positive happened.

Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles

On The Sister and The Mister

So after realizing that I'm most likely not getting into graduate school and spending a bit too much time getting to know the google search bar, I awoke from my panicked downward spiral to see an application to a German university. Now, I was all on board to continue on with the application until I realized that everything was in German. I know two other languages aside from English, and neither of them happen to be the native tongue of Deutchsland.

I'd be happy to be in Germany. I like bratwurst and beer and Heidi Klum and "Das Boot". I'm a HUGE fan of the German national soccer team. (Yeah, I said soccer. I get it, the world says football, quit being such Nazis about it… oh I see what I did there… well… yeah… FIFA '14… win… Hitler would be… ok I'm stopping). On top of that I still have German National Anthem memorized due to some masochistic relationship with my high school choir teacher. She was set on fire and didn't die. Granted it was just the sleeve of her dress, but let it stand that SHE WAS SET ON FIRE AND DID NOT DIE.

Moral of the story: I'm not going to Germany and I've resigned myself to getting super thin and finding a wealthy husband to buy my way into Harvard. That happens right? How else did Bush Jr. do it? Cs may get degrees but they don't get you into Harvard Business School, sir.

Cue sip of wine and sleep.

The Sister

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