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Publication Bias


I saw a comment thread on here a while that made me stop and think. It was something like, "People like Sebastian and other people I read/follow/etc online are doing so much, and I feel like I can't live up to that standard."

Well. I know myself, and I've also dined, traveled, socialized, and worked with many people that are heroes and exemplars to the people around them. And I'll tell you this -- there's a hell of a lot of publication bias.

From Wikipedia --

The concept was named after publishing in scientific journals -- people would set up correct experiment designs, but abandon the experiments or not publish the results unless something interesting/positive happened.

RONCO introduces new CoverMe™ labcoats featuring the RONCO Signature Pattern


Concord, Ontario / May 15, 2015: RONCO Canada, an international leader in Personal Protective Equipment manufacturing, introduces the CoverMe™ labcoats with the RONCO Signature Pattern, a unique mark of quality. The new white CoverMe™ labcoats have distinct blue buttons and stitching and this pattern is a guarantee that you are using a quality RONCO product.

The CoverMe™ labcoats come in dark blue as well, which hides the dirt and grime. They are latex free, hypoallergenic, breathable and disposable – an economical protective solution for non-hazardous work environments. The elasticized wrists help prevent sleeves from riding up and there are no pockets attached to the labcoat to avoid contamination.

The Signature Pattern is also present in other head, hand and body RONCO protective equipment, through the distinct white or blue contrast colour of the stitching, zipper or buttons.

CoverMe™ labcoats are CFIA accepted and safe to use not only in food processing environments but also in a variety of applications in healthcare or industrial sectors.

“We added the RONCO Signature Pattern as a sign of recognition of our brand which comes with a guarantee that you are properly protected with a quality product”, mentioned Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President of RONCO. “We are always looking for ways to improve our products and ensure you are safe when protecting yourself with a RONCO product”.

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