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Participate 2.1.1 Collecting Reputable Digital Resources Quest

On Write Right

Participate 2.1.1 Collecting Reputable Digital Resources Quest

Looking for reputable digital teaching resources enriched my knowledge of resources that are available for students and teachers to use to enhance the learning process.I have used a couple resources in my classrooms in the past (edmodo, interactive grammar sites, OWL at Purdue). I found a few other sites that I liked and had used before, especially ReadWriteThink.In an effort to stay relevant in cyber world, I have found that interacting with students on their social media tools enhances communication and helps to bridge the gap between classroom interaction and out of school time.With blended learning becoming more popular, having these tools available becomes much more important.

What were the three most useful tools or resources resulting from the web walkabout?

1. Edmodo: this social classroom enables students to send in their work, discuss ideas with a teacher or the class, and teachers can share assignments and links for students to review.

Happy 2016 - To Another Year of Coding

On CodeCombat Blog

Our team was astounded by the number of students who played CodeCombat during #HourOfCode last month, and we’re thankful that so many educators made CodeCombat part of their curriculum. From the United States to China, the U.K. to Australia, and even as far as Brazil and Taiwan, we saw students logging on and writing their very first lines of code–no drag-and-drop training wheels here!

#HourOfCode by the numbers

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