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Where Have I Been?

So yeah.  I've neglected this blog over the last week.  My schedule has not permitted me to post a proper entry.  Well, I just wanted to take a little time to fill you all in on what I've been up to.

Over the past ten days, I performed five times in three different states.  On June 25th and 26th, I made it down to Decatur, Alabama to play music at the Persacon Anime Conference.  I performed at this event last year, but this time I stepped it up a couple of notches.  First off, I brought my trusty vintage Roland JD-800 synthesizer to add other sounds and textures to various songs.  Secondly, I actually wore costumes this year!!! 

The first costume was a Japan airlines jacket along with white bell-bottom-ish slacks. 

(Photo by Allysen Quarto)

(Photo by Allysen Quarto)

Jane's Birthday!

On The Zany Chicken

December 20! My wife Jane’s birthday, whoa I can’t dare to forget it and a surprise gift is compulsory for her birthday.

One month before my wife’s birthday I set reminder to let me remember that I have to plan something special for Jane. So at November 20 my cell phone buzzed and reminded me to plan the plan. I cleverly started asking Jane that what she likes the most and what dislikes, to those which I was not aware of, without getting her any hint of the thing that I remember her birthday and was planning to give her a worthy gift.

I made a note to what all she told me and I figured out that she admires “Pretty Little Liar" actress “Lucy Hale”, and here comes the weird thing, she likes her eyebrows. I can surely figure out that she wants to look prettier then she was now, on her birthday. All in all she wanted to Get The Traffic-Stopping Whistler make up on her day.

So I started doing research on buying a makeup kit for her, but then I realized that instead of giving her the whole makeup kit including 5 shades of tinted moisturizer, Eye drops, Lip balm, Self Tanner. Baby oil, an extra brush set, Brow gel etc etc, I can get her to visit a parlor for treatment, facial or massage and where they can take care of our infant too, while she get her special treatment, so I started searching on internet for that, and I find out that Charisma beauty salon in Perth, WA provides all this facility. And I also called all our friends and relatives for a surprise birthday party for her. So that day I felt very relieved after watching that.

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