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Early on a Sunday Morning . . .

So, I woke up early this morning, and I'm not really sure why.  I have every reason to stay in bed and sleep in, but it's as if something was summoning me into wakefulness. 

The sunlight pours into my window as my curtains do all they can to mute it's brilliance.  They do so to no avail.  There is perhaps nothing more formidable than the sun.  I've joined them now, my dear sweet curtains, in conceding to the onslaught of day. 

I took a shower and made a mental note in my head to tidy up my room (we'll see how that goes).  My mom called.  She has this funny habit of calling me in the early morning--which is just fine.  She makes me smile. 

So, now, here I sit in front of my computer--overcome with the need to say something but not knowing what to say.  I'm thinking about the week that is to come.  It will be one of my busiest weeks in a long while.  A voice in my head is telling me to soak in the quiet and absorb the peacefulness of this moment.  Just a quiet hum from my computer is all there is to hear. 

Before too long, my world will shift and grind its gears.  Engines will rumble.  Soon enough, I'll be whisked away--a million things will be calling for my attention.

Thoughts On Not Going Crazy While Long Term Traveling


Very good question from a reader. I wrote up a pretty thorough reply, and now I'm recalling a number of times i've been asked this. So, here we go -

Hi Sebastian,

You are travelling a lot, so I've been wondering if you feel lonely and if that's the case, how you deal with it. I don't mean to sound too personal, just for the record, so if you do not wish to answer, go ahead (just let me know if that's the case, or point me to some reading, maybe?). I have found that when travelling for extended periods of time in places one does not know people, or when moving, changing location, that a certain lack of close contact with people can occur. This can lead to demotivation (concerning activity in general, work...), paralyzation, distraction causing lack of devotion to work and the like. Well, you are often writing about many friends, and I suppose you mean over the internet? Is that enough, or a temporary substitute? How do you counteract low-states induced by such cirumstances? (If they occur, I don't know if you have the problem, it just seemed a possibility).

Thanks a lot,

Good observation. Yes, you're 100% right - lack of contact with people is a big problem with traveling.

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