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Video of the Week: Honoring Heath Ledger

I wanted to take a little time to pay a small tribute to the late actor Heath Ledger.  He died two years ago this month, and I remember being as shocked and saddened by his passing as everyone else.  He died so young but already left quite a legacy in the movies he performed in.  Recently, he posthumously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his maniacal and sinister portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight/Batman film.  He clearly deserved the recognition and all the respect he earned through such a brief but illustrious career. He also happened to play the lead role in one of my all-time favorite films--a quiet, understated film that also manages to be epic and full of grandeur all at once.  It is a film called Brokeback Mountain. I happen to believe that his portrayal of Ennis Del Mar is Heath's crowning achievement as an actor.  This was a character that was so tightly wound and deeply at such a loss for what he truly desired.  Ledger manages to be painfully eloquent with very few and barely understandable words to even say.  The film chronicles twenty years in Ennis' life and in the final scenes, a spirit broken is all that remains. It's not the kind of film that is blatant or over the top.  It's the kind of film that hits you many days after you've seen it--when the hurt, the heaviness, and the despairing loneliness of it all starts to make sense, when losses sustained were purely, hopelessly unsustainable.  Ledger's performance carried this whole film, and it is all, collectively, an elegant cinematic masterpiece. I just wanted to take the time to thank Heath and to honor his great work. This week's Video of the Week is compiled footage from the film Brokeback Mountain set to the film's original film score. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H4fLQ9_c3w] Thank you Heath, so much, for everything. -g

A good weekend for music

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It was an excellent weekend for music, of all kinds.

on Saturday night I went to see my ole Baba, Bhagavan Das, and chant the night away at Yoga on Main

Baba's main message, which I really appreciate, is the preciousness of human life. How easy to lose and how difficult to obtain. The importance of making the most of it, when you have it.It was powerful times, as energy swirled, and subtle channels opened, and knots untied, and karmic residue came to the surface to find acceptance and release. Of course, as the fates would have it, Sally ended up two cushions away, and although there wasn't any eye contact or communication, the proximity added an extra electric charge to jolt my system. Challenging, but healing.The next day, I came back to YOM to do Baba's Nada Yoga Workshop. Really it was a 3.5 hour Bhutta Shuddhi practice, chanting and purifying the chakras with mantras and visualization. I experienced some wonderful insights, and energetic openings. I wished it went on all day, and has inspired me to practice Bhutta Shuddi more on my own.

Sunday night, I was invited to see a guy named Grayson Capps.

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