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Gay Day! Football Anyone?

Hello Lovelies,

This is La Gordita!!  I have a quick post today.  I am deep in the throes of unpacking since the Asian has moved our entire operation to a fabulous new location.  There's a surplus of fairy dust that needs to be sprinkled into the new digs!!

In the meantime, I wanted to a share a funny little video from the folks at MAD TV.  There's nothing more American than the sight of a couple of guys sitting around and going crazy watching a football game.  Well, they've taken this routine American practice and added an exciting little twist. 

Enjoy .  .  .

Homosexuality: The Ice Breaker

On jstJSH

I love meeting new people; it's one of the things I live for. There is no better night out for me than one where I walk home with new friend requests on Facebook and conversations on Whatsapp. I love the experience of meeting a new person, the various stages of conversation you go through, the back and forth jovial banter that will make or break whether you talk to this person ever again. It's fun to watch, and it's certainly fun to partake in.

Now, I'm a pretty interesting guy, I have plenty of potential talking points and conversation is certain to never run dry. There is my androgynous taste in fashion to discuss, my psychology degree and love of serial killers (if conversation is slightly darker than usual), even my love of scarves and my insistence to wear them as belts has come up several times before. So why, why, oh why, must conversation always end up at the same junction.

Uhhh...no offence, but are you gay?

It always begins with no offence; I mean always. Which part of me finds a little funny, and most of me finds  infuriating. Why would someone take offence to a simple question like that? And if he/she were the sort of person that would be so highly offended by such a simple question I believe you have to ask yourself 'is this really the sort of person I want to be talking to?' The point: drop the 'no offence', it implies that what you are saying could be taken offensively, which is ridiculous.

But in my experience, if you take away the alcohol and club setting, being gay and meeting people for the first time can take different paths. When I started University, I realised that I was going to be in a group of people, none of which I knew and that eventually people were gonna start talking. I decided to see just how long it would take.

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