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Gay Day! Football Anyone?

Hello Lovelies,

This is La Gordita!!  I have a quick post today.  I am deep in the throes of unpacking since the Asian has moved our entire operation to a fabulous new location.  There's a surplus of fairy dust that needs to be sprinkled into the new digs!!

In the meantime, I wanted to a share a funny little video from the folks at MAD TV.  There's nothing more American than the sight of a couple of guys sitting around and going crazy watching a football game.  Well, they've taken this routine American practice and added an exciting little twist. 

Enjoy .  .  .

Good Riddance to Utter Rubbish

On jstJSH

It was announced today that MP Lord Ken Maginnis is leaving the Ulster Unionist Party. Despite a long career most people are probably aware of Ken as the bloke that said some bad things about the homosexuals in Northern Ireland.

Lord Maginnis lost the party whip at Westminster in June after calling homosexuality "unnatural and deviant" on BBC Radio Ulster's Nolan show. He also recently called this years Gay Pride march in Belfast "offensive".

But speaking today the former MP said people did not want the moral values of society undermined, did not want a change in the age of sexual consent, and did not want the legalisation of paedophilia, once again referring to homosexuality.

Now slap me round the face if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure when it comes to the age of consent and the legalisation of paedophilia we homosexuals are quite happy to agree with the rest of society, apparently deviant as we might be.

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