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Gay Day! Wanna see something funny?

Hello Lovelies,

It's La Gordita on another wonderful Wednesday Gay Day.

Today, I'm in the mood to laugh. 

Funny haha?  Or funny queer?  You decide .  .  .

Who's Captain Crankypants?

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American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is best known for her theory on the five stages of grief, with which many of us are familiar. While her original work was based on these stages pertaining to learning that one was going to die, she later broadened it to responding to any devastating loss. While the Wiki tells us that her work has not been substantiated by studies, I would submit it has been substantiated by anecdotal evidence from a whole lot of people who have found themselves the recipients of dreadful news or catastrophic loss, moi-self included.

Here are the stages:

Ms. K-R also made it clear that these steps were not necessarily linear, did not always happen in that order, and could, and likely would, be cycled through.

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